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Breastfeeding: What I’ve Learned – Take 2

After the twins were born, I wrote a post about our breastfeeding experience and what I would do if I could do it all over again. When Baby Brother was born, I got a chance to do just that. My experience this time has been so different, and we’ve been much more successful. Looking at […]


Yep, Normal: My Thoughts on Breastfeeding

I am constantly amazed at the vast array of helpful stories for mamas who choose to breastfeed, including a lot of great information in posts here on Hellobee. Some of my favorites include ones about the triumphs of breastfeeding, the challenges, the best gear and tools for breastfeeding, great thoughts from lactation consultants, developing a routine, […]

Asher's first bottle

Taking the E out of EBF

Before Colin was born, I did everything I could to prepare. I read books. I joined Facebook moms groups. I read mommy blogs, surfed the internet and took a breastfeeding class. Somehow in the process of preparing, these three initials stood out in my mind as a parenting goal that should be paramount: E. B. […]


A Bittersweet Goodbye to Breastfeeding

I’ll be completely honest with you here – I was not one of those moms who was in love with breastfeeding. I didn’t feel some crazy bond, it wasn’t the most wonderful feeling in the world, and for me it was more about keeping my kid fed, healthy, and growing than anything else. But slowly, over […]

My Breastfeeding Plan: The Second Time Around

Oh, breastfeeding. I had such a love/hate relationship with it the first time (more love than hate after we jumped through the initial hurdles, mind you), but I’m determined to do everything I can this time to make this happen smoothly. I know every baby/pregnancy is different and I know things probably won’t go according […]


When Baby Refuses the Breast and Prefers the Bottle

I loved breastfeeding.  I loved the little rooting noises and motions my baby made when he was hungry. I loved settling in on the couch or in a chair out in public and lifting my shirt to feed my kid. I just loved it. When my son was a few days shy of 16 weeks, […]


Steps for When Your Baby Does the One Thing They Say a Baby Never Does

Post bottle sleep coma. Not looking at my son with some slight resentment, no, not at all. Alternately Titled: How to Get Over Yourself When Your Baby “Self-Weans” Before One / Goes On a Never-ending Nursing Strike / Develops a Bottle-over-boob Preference / Defies Everything the Experts Know About Babies and Does Something You Didn’t Know […]

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