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Weaning at 18 months

Before Little Deer was born I would have told you that I had high hopes for breastfeeding. I most definitely wanted to breastfeed past the one-year mark. Heck, maybe even two. Once Little Deer was born though and the challenges kept on piling up, I wasn’t sure we would even make it a month. Tongue-tie, [...]


What I’ve learned from lactation nurses

I had mentioned before that I’ve gleaned some pretty amazing advice from lactation nurses – some of which I’ve yet to find on the internet. I thought I would share what I’ve learned and see what you guys have learned, too. 1. You can flip an infant car seat upside down to use as a [...]

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Lactogenic choices

Sometimes I find that the information I get from lactation nurses is gold – such rare gold, in fact, that I’ve yet to come across some of the nuggets with google. The same goes for handouts and pamphlets I get at the doctor’s office and good old fashioned books. Yes, sometimes the information can be [...]


Breastfeeding and Thrush

My breastfeeding journey is long over, but I wanted to share one of the toughest challenges I faced as a breastfeeding mother: Thrush. It developed when J was just about four months old, and I’m not sure it ever fully went away until I stopped breastfeeding. Initially I had no idea what was going on; my [...]


My Nursing Relationship

I have shared my journey with breastfeeding multiple times already here and here.  To say that breastfeeding and I have a difficult, complicated relationship is a fair assessment I would say. I struggle a lot with my intense dislike for breastfeeding as a whole because of my guilt that “breast is best” and every drop [...]


15 things to do with your toddler while nursing

Nursing is a large commitment and though I think it is relaxing, I was worried about what I could do with Gemma while nursing her younger sister. I talked to a few moms about this and researched a little bit, but ultimately it took just living through these past few months to figure out what [...]

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Weaning at Two

I went into our breastfeeding journey fully aware that breastfeeding is not easy in the beginning and that most people really have to work at it during the first few weeks and months. Regardless, in my mind I set a goal to breastfeed for at least a year, but preferable 18 months or until my [...]

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