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Everyday moments with Baby Audrey have tightly bonded us.

Inducing Lactation

One thing that absolutely shocked me when I first started researching surrogacy is the fact that a mother who has not given birth can induce lactation and breastfeed her baby. Before I unexpectedly became pregnant myself (five weeks before our surrogate!), I spent some time considering this idea. Like just about every parenting decision, this […]

My Breastfeeding Experience

I was a breastfeeding mama for fifteen months, and I find the subject so miraculous and fascinating! Even though my breastfeeding journey doesn’t really involve anything that was extraordinarily amazing or difficult, I just wanted to share my personal experiences on some of the different areas of breastfeeding and what worked for me. Latch – […]


We Tried Seven Different Kinds of Formula: Part 1

Between our two boys, we used more than seven different types of formula. With Lion, we tried six different types of formula before setting on a blend of two types. With Panda, we tried four types of formula (three of which we tried with Lion, as well), before finding one that works for him, for […]

Goodbye, breast pump!

Weaning from the pump

Due to initial medical complications, I exclusively pumped breastmilk for my baby girls. This past week, I made the difficult decision to wean at 12 weeks. While I understand and acknowledge the medical recommendation to continue feeding breastmilk to the one-year mark, several factors factored into my decision to stop pumping. Many things about the […]

My Breastfeeding Journey with Baby Number One

Note: I wrote the original draft of this post in early 2013, four months after Little Cotton Candy was born. The first four months with Little Cotton Candy were wonderful. Stressful, life-changing, full of self-doubt…but wonderful. My main source of angst, regret, and anxiety during this time, however, was breastfeeding. I feel like if I […]

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Fourth Trimester Style

I’m one of those people who loved being pregnant. I liked dressing the bump and revelled in the beauty of my body as it grew. I loved that my body had a purpose. I felt like a kid again, growing more every month and feeling proud of that growth. Post-birth, I’m learning to embrace the “fourth trimester” […]

Fiona 1 (1 of 1)

Plugging Along

Fiona and I are still breastfeeding at nine months of age. Juliet and I finished nursing around this time, and I’m a little surprised Fiona and I were able to make it this far. Breastfeeding has always been one of the things I dreaded whenever I had a new baby coming. My experiences with Drake […]

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