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They’ll Never Be the Same Again

Every time I think of them, I think of that children’s song that asks whether your ears hang low. You know – do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, and tie ’em in a bow, and throw ’em over your shoulders… It’s my breasts! They’ve changed since bringing another person […]


Feeding a Newborn – going easy on myself this time around

When I was pregnant with my first child, I read everything. I wanted to be as prepared as possible, and regarding feeding, I decided, of course, that I would exclusively breastfeed. Because of course breast is best. And when my nipples were cracked and bleeding and my son was barely gaining weight, nursing constantly, was regularly […]


Breastfeeding Baby Two

Breastfeeding my firstborn was a battle for a long time. We started out well, but fought a shallow latch, tongue tie, thrush, and the need for exclusive pumping. Through sheer stubbornness we never had to supplement with formula, but it was really rough until we finally got things smoothed over at six months or so. […]

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It’s OK if He Won’t Take a Bottle

When I first started breastfeeding Crumb, I felt so bad when I heard someone’s baby wouldn’t take a bottle. How difficult to be kept at arm’s length constantly and the sole person responsible for feeding the baby. I loved breastfeeding but I also loved the freedom pumping offered me. Then my nephew refused bottles and I […]


Natural But Not Easy

Having a hard time breastfeeding made me feel better about my unplanned cesarean section. I wanted a ‘natural’ birth (which, now that I’m on the other side, seems like a silly thing to say — birth in ALL forms is natural) and I didn’t get it, and I sort of felt like I failed in […]


Painful Breastfeeding with Thrush

I’ve been able to breastfeed both my boys and overall I consider my nursing experiences to be mostly positive. In fact, weaning Crumb at 14 months old was incredibly difficult on me emotionally because I was not ready for it to end. However, the beginning of our nursing journey was one of the most painful times of my life […]

Everyday moments with Baby Audrey have tightly bonded us.

Inducing Lactation

One thing that absolutely shocked me when I first started researching surrogacy is the fact that a mother who has not given birth can induce lactation and breastfeed her baby. Before I unexpectedly became pregnant myself (five weeks before our surrogate!), I spent some time considering this idea. Like just about every parenting decision, this […]

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