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Failure to Thrive

I can’t describe what it feels like to read those words written on a piece of paper about your child.  The guilt, sadness, feeling of powerlessness takes over everything. In mid-January, Juliet was scheduled to go to the doctor for her flu booster shot. While I was there I requested a weight check as I [...]

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Breastfeeding – At One Year

Well folks – I’ve sure enjoyed sharing our breastfeeding experience with you all!  I think there’s something very therapeutic about looking back on the challenges you’ve faced in life. I would definitely say that breastfeeding is pretty high on the list of the most difficult things I’ve gone through. That’s for darn sure! So thank [...]


Nursing cover-up round up

Oh, breastfeeding in public. My mother scolded me for breastfeeding without a cover in my parent baby class and insisted on shielding me curtain-style with a receiving blanket. If you can’t breastfeed comfortably there, then where can you breastfeed? In those early days with a newborn that made a huge fuss about latching, I did [...]


Breastfeeding – Our Essentials

To continue on in my series on breastfeeding, I thought I would share my list of essential breastfeeding items. I remember finding it really helpful to see what supplies other moms thought were important for their breastfeeding needs. While I don’t think everybody needs all of these products, with the difficulties we faced I found [...]

Little Deer sporting her patient ID on her hat at one of our many appointments

Breastfeeding – A Team of Professionals

In my last post on breastfeeding, I talked about seeing a lactation consultant. She left us feeling much better, more confident, and we had a plan in-hand. For four days I continued to pump while treating my wounds and allowing my body to heal. It went well, but boy was it a lot of work. [...]

Breastfeeding – Seeing a Lactation Consultant

After struggling with my first few days of breastfeeding, I realized that I needed help. Reading through my many pregnancy books, breastfeeding books, and copious websites just wasn’t cutting it. I was in so much pain and I could not fix it by myself. I rifled through the many brochures from the hospital that we [...]

Breastfeeding – The First Few Days

As we get closer to Little Deer’s first birthday, I can’t help but think about the fact that this means I’ve done it – I’ve breastfed LD for a full year! Woohoo! *Cue music and small celebratory dance around the living room.* Boy I never thought I would see this day. It’s been a long [...]

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