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My Nursing Relationship

I have shared my journey with breastfeeding multiple times already here and here.  To say that breastfeeding and I have a difficult, complicated relationship is a fair assessment I would say. I struggle a lot with my intense dislike for breastfeeding as a whole because of my guilt that "breast is best" and every drop [...]


15 things to do with your toddler while nursing

Nursing is a large commitment and though I think it is relaxing, I was worried about what I could do with Gemma while nursing her younger sister. I talked to a few moms about this and researched a little bit, but ultimately it took just living through these past few months to figure out what [...]

Nursing newborn

Weaning at Two

I went into our breastfeeding journey fully aware that breastfeeding is not easy in the beginning and that most people really have to work at it during the first few weeks and months. Regardless, in my mind I set a goal to breastfeed for at least a year, but preferable 18 months or until my [...]

Failure to Thrive

I can't describe what it feels like to read those words written on a piece of paper about your child.  The guilt, sadness, feeling of powerlessness takes over everything. In mid-January, Juliet was scheduled to go to the doctor for her flu booster shot. While I was there I requested a weight check as I [...]

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Breastfeeding - At One Year

Well folks – I've sure enjoyed sharing our breastfeeding experience with you all!  I think there's something very therapeutic about looking back on the challenges you've faced in life. I would definitely say that breastfeeding is pretty high on the list of the most difficult things I've gone through. That's for darn sure! So thank [...]


Nursing cover-up round up

Oh, breastfeeding in public. My mother scolded me for breastfeeding without a cover in my parent baby class and insisted on shielding me curtain-style with a receiving blanket. If you can't breastfeed comfortably there, then where can you breastfeed? In those early days with a newborn that made a huge fuss about latching, I did [...]


Breastfeeding - Our Essentials

To continue on in my series on breastfeeding, I thought I would share my list of essential breastfeeding items. I remember finding it really helpful to see what supplies other moms thought were important for their breastfeeding needs. While I don't think everybody needs all of these products, with the difficulties we faced I found [...]

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