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Breastfeeding a Preemie, Our Experience

After exclusively pumping for my first born, a real hater of the breast, I had high hopes for nursing the second. Then to our surprise baby number two arrived ten weeks early.┬áNICU stays are probably the reason I’ve heard cited most frequently for breastfeeding not working out, so with the little confidence I had in […]

Breaking Up With Breastfeeding (Part One)

I’m struggling to write this post, because the feelings are pretty new and fresh. Bear with me as the words come out in a bit of a jumble, and I try to sort through exactly what’s going on in my head. After sixteen and a half months, my breastfeeding relationship with Little Oats has come […]

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I gave up on breastfeeding – and I’m glad I did

I often hesitate to talk in detail about my breastfeeding experience, because inevitably, even among the best intentions, I’ll get that look of pity or occasionally scorn, or the more common proclaim of “there’s so much more you can do for next time!,” usually followed by a list of all the things I’ve already heard, […]

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On Breastfeeding: The Ugly, The Bad, and the Good

“Are you going to breastfeed?” That was one of the first things people asked me shortly after they realized I was pregnant. There was more information on base (where I delivered my baby in Italy) about breastfeeding classes and breastfeeding support groups than there was on the actual pregnancy and labor. I couldn’t wrap my […]

A great selection of oils for pregnancy ailments

Essential Oils in Pregnancy, Labor and Breastfeeding

As most of you probably know, I’ve never been pregnant or been in labor. But, from what I hear, neither one is altogether a very comfortable experience. So, when I heard about all the wonderful essential oils you can use during pregnancy to help ease various types of discomfort, I thought it would be nice […]


Weaning at 18 months

Before Little Deer was born I would have told you that I had high hopes for breastfeeding. I most definitely wanted to breastfeed past the one-year mark. Heck, maybe even two. Once Little Deer was born though and the challenges kept on piling up, I wasn’t sure we would even make it a month. Tongue-tie, […]


What I’ve learned from lactation nurses

I had mentioned before that I’ve gleaned some pretty amazing advice from lactation nurses – some of which I’ve yet to find on the internet. I thought I would share what I’ve learned and see what you guys have learned, too. 1. You can flip an infant car seat upside down to use as a […]

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