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A glimpse of what is ahead as my kids grow up

Lil’ Pizza is 4.5 years old and last week was the first time I felt a bit heartbroken thinking about possible hurtful interactions between her and her peers. I know that navigating difficult issues will be a part of growing up as she becomes more independent from me and starts to attend school more regularly. And […]

Dealing with Preschool Bullying

One of my worst fears going into my parenting journey was having to deal with bullying once we get to that stage in our kid’s life. I’ve spent countless hours thinking and reading about bullying and how I would handle a situation in which my daughter was bullied, or if she was the one doing […]

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Bullying on the Playground

The other day when the weather was gorgeous, I took K & D to the playground. K has always been very shy and cautious, but even just this spring has started being more adventurous on the playground – or at least, he’s more willing to try to climb new play structures! I mostly follow D […]

Lazy Eye

“I see two mommys,” Drake said giggling one day at dinner time.  At 3 Drake is prone to all kinds of silly talk, so I simply brushed it off.  A few moments later he started giggling again saying, “I see two mommies.”  Unsure about what to think, I told him, “You only have one mommy.” […]


When Your Child Is the Mean One

I am a very social and open person, and I love meeting new people. I have a wonderful core group of friends from my elementary years (my oldest friend is from nursery school), as well as a group from my college days. I am still very close to all of them though we have all […]


Growing up I was teased for a myriad of reasons – my ethnicity, my appearance, my height, my name, not wearing brand name clothes. Kids can be so cruel, but maybe it’s just an inevitable part of growing up. I’m not sure if I was teased more than the average person, but I still hate […]

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