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A Car Accident With Children In the Car   

The Dolphin family has had a rough weekend! I found out that my foot was fractured again and ended up in a walking boot, we learned that our daycare might be forced to close down in six weeks due to a lease renewal issue, and then we were sideswiped by an SUV. On Sunday, we […]


How My First Trimester Screening Induced Serious Pregnancy Anxieties

When I first found out that we were pregnant, I had no idea that my world was soon going to be filled with new anxieties and fears. It wasn’t until I received abnormal results for my 1st trimester screening that I started to really become a wreck. I was in shock and couldn’t believe that […]


Babies & Car Accidents

I really wish I didn’t have the experience to write about this, but . . . Three weeks ago, my mom was in town, as were my two nieces.  We decided to go get lunch and maybe shop a little bit.  My VW Jetta couldn’t fit the whole crew, so my mom and oldest niece […]

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