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Road & Air Travel Tips for Three Year Olds

The Cotton Candys just got back from a whirlwind three weeks of travel (with a three-day “break” in the middle to work and unpack/re-pack), and I wanted to share some things we learned on our two trips. First, we flew to New York City to spend one day in the city and the rest of […]

Surviving a Road Trip With Your Toddler

Since Mr. Garland and I are both teachers, we’ve had a lot of time this summer to do fun things as a family. We don’t travel much as a general rule, but this summer now that Jackson is older we have been venturing out more than usual! We took a few different trips this summer […]

Baby's first hotel stay

On the Road with Baby in Tow

We’ve begun our Christmas travel marathon, which includes three sets of grandparents in six days. Unfortunately, all of those grandparents live 5-6 hours away from us, and our remote location means it’s rare that anyone actually comes to us. So Baby Y has become a seasoned traveler, and not just at the holidays. He stayed […]


To Grandmother’s House We Go – Travel Essentials

Papa Marbles’ parents live outside of Boston and we have been trying to visit as frequently as possible. We first visited when Little Marbles was about 3 months. We packed everything and anything we could into the car, fearing the worst case scenario. After a few trips, we’ve got a system and have worked out […]

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