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Work vs Life

I’m in a bit of a weird spot right now career wise. I’m not particularly comfortable with the situation and I feel like this is probably something that a lot of parents struggle with, so I’m going to lay it all out here and see what happens in the coming months. Hopefully, this will all […]


When Your Dreams And Your Kids Collide

Hey, old friends and those of you who weren’t even thinking about having babies the last time I showed my face around here much! For those of you that don’t know me or have missed me or who were glad I’m gone but will quietly put up with my return, I promise I’ve had a […]


Working Mom Wardrobe Staples for Fall

As a full time WOHM, I’ve been struggling with my wardrobe ever since I became a mom of two. I’m always looking for pieces that will see lots of wear (I’m all about price per wear!) as well as be flattering AND comfortable, and not break the bank either. See why I’ve been struggling?? Summers […]

Confessions of a working mom

I’ve always heard of the “work/life” balance, but really never paid any attention to what it meant. My husband and I are both incredibly driven people, understanding of each other’s career ambitions and the sacrifices needed to get to where we want to be. But bringing a child into the equation is still throwing me […]

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