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Chapter Books

Drake is slowly moving toward chapter books as his reading advances. We still like picture books, and I would like to keep it that way for many reasons, but I think it’s good Drake gets exposed to trying longer books with bigger themes and series that longer than a few books. We’ve read a few […]

charlotte's web

First Chapter Books to Read Aloud

Big P has always enjoyed books, but lately reading together has been really fun. At 3 1/2, he’s able to focus better, follow story lines more closely, and make insightful and funny connections between the book and his own life. All of which has me thinking about when and what chapter book we should first […]


Chapter Books To Read With Your Children

Picture books will always have my heart and I treasure reading them to Lil’ CB and to my students. But there’s also something to be said for beautifully written chapter books that also beg to be read aloud. Plus, chapter books are great for building children’s comprehension as they hold on to the story from day […]


Bringing Literature To Life Part One

Since I was a kid I can remember loving books. My dad would read to my sister and me each night, and I have fond memories of sitting on our beds listening to him read to us. He read with enthusiasm and changed his voices for characters, and continued long after we could read the […]

chapter books for 4 year olds

Chapter Books for 4 Year Olds

While Charlie still enjoys picture books, for the most part we read chapter books at bedtime. I vastly prefer reading chapter books because it’s so much more fun for me! Below you’ll find the books we’ve finished, as well as books on our to-read list after the jump! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The […]


You Mean There Are New Ones?

We’ve been doing lots of reading this summer. Ellie has been listening to books on tape pretty often, as well, since no one alive has the vocal stamina to keep up with her yen for the written word. Lorelei remains a busy bee, much more likely to chuck a book at your head while giggling, […]

Book It: What We’re Reading

There are few things in life more beautiful to me than watching my girls begin a love affair with the written and spoken word. It is such a treat to help them to discover literature that speaks to them. Whether it’s something that makes them squeal with laughter, learn the deeper meaning of friendship, opens […]

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