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26 month

Charlie's 26 Month Update

Charlie turned 26 months old last week! Month 25 was a big month language-wise (month 24 wasn't nearly as big), and I think it's safe to say that we're now having conversations with Charlie. Once your child really starts talking, it feels like they hit mini milestones every day because of all the new things [...]

toddler bath2

25 Month Update

Charlie turned 25 months old last week! (I've stopped using months when I tell people Charlie's age since he's 2, but for the sake of these updates I'll use months.) Charlie and Olive Our pediatrician said that 2-3 months of an adjustment period was normal with a new sibling. Charlie was throwing tantrums and super [...]

24 months 3

Charlie's 24 Month Update

I can't believe Charlie turned 2 this past weekend. It was a big year for Charlie transitioning from a nanny to full-time daycare, and then adjusting to life with a new baby sister. But I'm so proud of my little boy for handling everything so well. He's a big boy now! Life with a sibling [...]

charlie timeout

The Power of Timeouts

Charlie has been acting up ever since baby Olive came along... a total coincidence, I'm sure. We've been meaning to start using timeouts to address his behavior, but had been holding off for three reasons: 1. We felt a bit responsible for his acting up, since we helped cause the problem in the first place [...]


Charlie's 23 Month Update

Charlie turns 23 months old today!  The biggest event in the past month of his life was of course the arrival of Olive.  Then there was Halloween!  Charlie dressed up as Elmo, and I didn't anticipate the costume to be such a big hit.  He changed into it at daycare, and all the kids got [...]

edit Halloween 088.jpg

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween costumes that are a little bit different.  For example, one year I dressed in all gold, carried a pickaxe, and a burlap sack full of gold nuggets. What was I?  A gold digger of course! This year we had a little too much going on with baby Olive's early arrival, so I [...]


22 Month Update

Two weeks ago we took Charlie apple picking at Silverman's Farm in Connecticut.  It's a wonderful family friendly farm with tractor rides, an orchard (with low hanging apples perfect for toddlers), a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, and a playground.  I knew this was going to be our last adventure before having Olive, so I [...]

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