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80's and 90's TV Nostalgia

I was digging through my parents' attic trying to find my childhood picture books, and I found something I wrote in grade four (aka "fourth grade" for Americans). I remember while drafting this out, my teacher peered over my shoulder and said, "wow, you watch so many TV shows, how do you have time for [...]


Legos for Girls?

When I was little, I adored LEGOs. My brother and I would play for what seemed like eons, carefully laying out roads and building neighborhoods with only our imaginations to guide us. So it’s a no-brainer for me that as soon as he’s ready, Baby Y will be getting a set of his own. And [...]


Forts and Tee Pees

When my brother and I were kids, my dad wrote a series of books on learning English as a second language. Big cardboard boxes that contained thousands of those books filled our 2-car garage. My brother and I systematically removed certain boxes to create a super secret pathway that led to a fort in the [...]

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