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What's not hiding under my sink?

I attended a recent household hazards talk, and while I was pretty confident that what was lurking in my cupboards was relatively safe, I did learn a thing or two! The average American household harbors 60 hazardous products, ranging from cleaners, adhesives, garden and automotive products, batteries, solvents, pool supplies.....the list goes on. Families have [...]


On lockdown

Baby Y could be walking any day now, and he can certainly barrel his way to any destination with lightning-quick crawling. We had held off childproofing our old place before we moved, but we’ve slowly but surely been making our new pad as kid-friendly as possible without going overboard. We’ve spent a decent chunk of [...]


Practical Childproofing

So we’ve finally got a crawler on our hands. And while Baby Y isn’t terribly fast yet, I’m sure he’ll be zooming across rooms in no time. It’s slowly dawning on me that our house is not child-friendly in the least. I suppose I’ve known that for a while, but when your baby is in [...]

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