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Household Chores and an App Review

I’m still really old fashioned in the sense that I like to put pen to paper and write things down by hand; then I find incredible fulfillment in marking things off as I go.  Just this year, I’ve started to break out of my old ways, and found several organization apps that have made life [...]


Establishing the Household Balance

For the first three years of our marriage, Papa Jumper and I had pretty predictable schedules.  We both worked full time jobs, had breakfast and coffee together in the morning, and took turns making dinner at home in the evenings. After dinner, I’d work in my studio while Papa Jumper would relax, go for a [...]

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Chores for a Lil’ Cowboy

I’m a firm believer in chores. Not so much to earn an allowance, but to instill a sense of responsibility and partnership in helping your family at home. Since young children love “helping” out, it was easy to capitalize on that desire at a very early age and help Lil’ CB develop the routine of [...]


Chore Schedule

The sheer number of chores we now have with two kids has increased dramatically. Or perhaps our chores haven’t increased that much; we just have less time to do them! Since Mr. Bee and I divide chores, I wanted a printable chore schedule so we could see which chores needed to be completed each day. [...]


The Cleanliness Threshold or: How I Learned To Stop Being Messy and Love Chores

Chillybear posted to the boards about how she and her husband had a different approach to chores: My husband and I are still “newlyweds” we’ve been married for about a year and 1/2 and have lived together for over 3 years. … The issue has been dividing up chores and household responsibilities. … He’s never [...]

9 Ways to become a more equal partner in household chores

It’s one thing to strive to be an equal partner in parenting (subject to the constraints of real life, as several commenters pointed out). But another goal of mine is to be an equal partner in running the household. We had a pretty good system previously: Bee did most of the household chores, and I [...]

Destimulation and Simplification

Paige had one horrible week a couple of months back. Each day seemed to be filled with tantrums, tears, whining, moaning, groaning, and overall grouchiness. Of course, there were some fun and happy moments too, but not enough to balance out all the crying going on! I was getting so upset and frustrated; what was [...]

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