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8 Chores to Track in Your Planner!

If you’re not not super into planners/planning, you might not realize how versatile or customizable they can be! Although I work outside the home, my job isn’t one where my schedule is varies a lot from day to day. My shift is the same, and I do relatively the same things, so I don’t really […]


Involving Toddlers in Chores

Jackson is 16 months old now and has been doing little chores since shortly after he started walking at 13 months. People are always shocked that I would have him regularly doing “chores,” but the reality is that he loves helping out and he is always so proud when I cheer him on after getting something […]


Enforcing Chores is Such a Chore (+ Free Printable Chore Charts)

The topic of chores has been popping up a lot lately. First, I read a Farmer’s Almanac article from 1867 called What Every Farmer’s Child Should Know. It doesn’t state the age of the child, but it got me thinking about my pampered little Sk8ers.  Then, on two different occasions, with two Moms near and dear to my heart, […]


Creating a Cleaning Schedule

One thing that has really helped in our quest to enjoy our weekday evenings a bit more is to be organized about how we keep the house clean. Mr. Garland couldn’t care less if the house is messy, but if I don’t wake up to a clean and organized house, I start to feel a bit […]


Practical Life at 15 Months

While I am not specifically Montessori trained, I find myself aligning with the Montessori philosophies quite often as I make decisions as a parent. I believe that a lot of the Montessori practices that encourage independence help toddlers feel in control, and this will help to cut down on power struggles and frustration through early childhood. […]


Sharing Household Responsibilities

A lot of my friends and colleagues are impressed when they ask if Mr. H does most of the cooking and I happily answer “yes!” followed by the slew of other things that Mr. H takes care of at home. Because Mr. H works from home and for himself, he often has greater flexibility to […]


Household Chores and an App Review

I’m still really old fashioned in the sense that I like to put pen to paper and write things down by hand; then I find incredible fulfillment in marking things off as I go.  Just this year, I’ve started to break out of my old ways, and found several organization apps that have made life […]

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