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Chores for Kids

Growing up I didn’t do many chores because moms pretty much do everything for you in Korean culture. Mr. Bee, on the other hand, grew up doing chores of all kinds, and I am all aboard that train when it comes to our kids! We haven’t been successful setting up a chore routine so far […]

Household Expectations for the Kids

With one kid, we could maintain the household somewhat easily. When we became a family of four, we needed everyone in the family to pitch in so the house wouldn’t look like it had been ransacked by gremlins. With both kids, we have given them small areas of responsibilities around the house since they were […]

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Chores for Toddlers

Mr. Dolphin and I strongly believe that every member of our family should contribute to our household. We’ve done simple chores off and on for Lion since he turned about a year, but have really started enforcing them more recently. For Mother’s Day, his daycare hosted a tea party and in the lead up to […]

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Age-Appropriate Chores for Four-Year-Olds

As the school year is winding down, I have been making an effort to create a little extra structure in Little Cotton Candy’s life in order to get us through the summer and the huge wave of changes that are coming this fall—you know, no big deal, just selling our home and buying a new […]

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8 Chores to Track in Your Planner!

If you’re not not super into planners/planning, you might not realize how versatile or customizable they can be! Although I work outside the home, my job isn’t one where my schedule is varies a lot from day to day. My shift is the same, and I do relatively the same things, so I don’t really […]


Involving Toddlers in Chores

Jackson is 16 months old now and has been doing little chores since shortly after he started walking at 13 months. People are always shocked that I would have him regularly doing “chores,” but the reality is that he loves helping out and he is always so proud when I cheer him on after getting something […]


Enforcing Chores is Such a Chore (+ Free Printable Chore Charts)

The topic of chores has been popping up a lot lately. First, I read a Farmer’s Almanac article from 1867 called What Every Farmer’s Child Should Know. It doesn’t state the age of the child, but it got me thinking about my pampered little Sk8ers.  Then, on two different occasions, with two Moms near and dear to my heart, […]

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