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Surviving the baby’s first holidays

Last year seemed so wonderfully calm compared to this year. Relatives touched my pregnant belly and asked questions about how the pregnancy was going. I allowed myself to indulge a little more than usual because I was eating for two. How was this year different? More chaos, more scrambling, more bodies in the room. You would think that […]

Christmas Eve Gift2

Christmas Eve Present

Since we already got the kids pajamas, slippers and planned on watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve, I pulled together these Christmas Eve present boxes for them. This way they have something fun to open on Christmas Eve. It includes How the Grinch Stole Christmas (which we’ll read and watch), Christmas pajamas, bunny slippers, […]

From Santa Printable Gift Tags

I wasn’t sure how to determine which gifts came from us and which gifts came from Santa because we never did Santa growing up. But since they had short lists this year (a cat doll for Olive and a Megatron action figure/Decepticon symbol for Charlie), I decided that their one big gift could come from […]


“For Your Mistletoes” Free Printable

I often wonder how teachers do it. Charlie’s class has 26 kids, and his teacher is usually on her own. I can barely handle 2 kids… I can’t imagine 26! For both Olive’s preschool class and Charlie’s kindergarten class the parents go in on one gift card, but I wanted to give them a little […]

Christmas rs

Spending on Traditions not Presents

I joined our local MOPS group, and one of the recent speakers talked about budgeting and financial issues, particularly as they apply to the holidays.  One thing that he said really resonated with me: spend more of your money on holiday traditions than presents. He asked how many presents we specifically remember from our childhoods. Of course, […]

cork gingerbread ornament

DIY Cork “Gingerbread” Ornaments with Homemade Puffy Paint

by: Mina of Mini Piccolini I love the look of gingerbread ornaments, so when I found some flat pieces of cork in my craft box, I knew I wanted to make “gingerbread” ornaments with them. It’s a really easy project and I like the idea of making gingerbread ornaments that will keep for years to […]


10 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Baby’s First Christmas

I have to admit for our first Christmas with Jackson this year, I originally put a lot of pressure on myself to make it special. I’m such a huge fan of the Christmas season, and I’m constantly looking for ways to make it more special. But, in all honesty, Christmas loses a lot of the […]

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