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12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

My family didn’t grow up with many holiday traditions, so I was determined to create my own now that I have my own family.  One simple tradition I’ve always yearned for was the simple act of stuffing stockings and opening them on Christmas Eve, then saving the big gifts for Christmas Day. I look forward [...]


30 Holiday Potluck Ideas

Every year, a sign-up sheet is passed around our office for our annual holiday potluck. Every year, I’m stumped on what to bring besides the same ol’ boring veggie tray or chips and dip, so I’ve compiled a bunch of holiday potluck recipes that would go well over a large crowd.  I believe the best [...]

It's nto crazy driving with all these kids...not at all.

Traveling over the Holidays with Kids

As we were starting to make plans for the holidays, my in laws were trying to figure out when would be a good time to visit their family in Utah.  They wanted to take the kids to see the snow, so they were talking about dates in the winter. I mentioned that the boys were [...]


Follow Up: DIY Christmas

Now that Christmas has passed, I thought I would share how my DIY Christmas gift plans went, not only in how the projects turned out, but what Miss H thought of her DIY’d gifts. I ended up shifting gears a little bit with a couple of gifts, but overall I’m happy with what I accomplished [...]

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Merry Christmas!

I had planned on getting a post up today on holiday traditions, but time slipped away from me yesterday with all the Christmas preparations. I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas because my parents were immigrants and most of my friends were children of immigrants, and I honestly had no idea how big it was for [...]

A Holiday with an Empty Crib And A Heart Full Of Hope

I know this might seem like an odd title for someone with four kids but, as some of you may know, my journey to becoming a mother was not exactly easy.  While I was struggling with infertility, I often wrote down some of my thoughts.  It felt like it was one of the only ways [...]

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19 Holiday Kids’ Crafts

Charlie and Olive are both out of school until January 2nd, so I’ve been compiling ideas for easy holiday-themed activities and arts and crafts. Here is a roundup of 20 activities — I’d love to try as many as possible before the year is over! Pompom Trees – We already have pom poms but since sytrofoam [...]

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