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Christmas Eve exhaustion. Gone are the days of a cute holiday outfit. Here are the days of wearing my undershirt for Christmas dinner because my holiday blouse has spit-up on it...

Holiday Exhaustion

I have written in posts this month about how happy this holiday season has been for me. I truly have never experienced more joy and happiness than I have this December, my first with my baby girls. But now that Christmas has come and gone, can I just say how tired I am? “Tired” really […]


Remembering Christmas memories from our childhood.

Since M was born I find myself getting a lot more nostalgic about memories from my childhood. And more so than ever, it’s been so much fun having my parents and Mr. Ice Cream’s parents recount stories of what we were like at M’s age. I’ve been trying to write down all the memories that […]

The Holiday Traditions We Celebrate

We did this as a Swarm several years ago and we loved the answers so much we’re doing it again this year! We go to Christmas Eve mass. We used to do midnight mass, but with two small ones, we now go to the 4 pm or 6 pm service. We also exchange ornaments every […]

Christmas 9

Christmas Photo List

As Christmas is approaching, I found myself looking back at some old photos from Christmas past. Despite how our family has grown and changed, the spirit of Christmas, the joy, the wonder, the happiness it evokes lives clearly in all my photos no matter what year it may be. As someone who loves photography and […]

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Joint Gifts and Sharing

Mr. Dolphin and I have always been big proponents of our kids learning to share with each other. We have been very lucky with Lion because he is excellent at sharing, particularly with his little brother. Lion will often share even his most prized possessions and favorite trains with Panda, melting my heart each time […]


Swarm: What Our SO’s Want for Christmas

They can be hard to shop for, so we asked our significant others what they want for Christmas. The biggest theme is…. technology/gadgets!  Mr. Starfish wants scotchy, scotch, scotch. He also wants motorcycle lessons but I think he’s going to have to keep dreaming on that one!  Mr. Cotton Candy wants a bunch of guitar pedals, […]


Creating our own traditions

6 Month Old Jujube Help! This year is our first as a family of three and even though Jujube will be only 7 months old at Christmas, I want to create our own holiday traditions with and for her. Being in a tropical climate in Thailand has made it really difficult to get into the […]

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