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Crying it Out

I've mentioned before that Baby Pencil was not an easy infant. I've read countless articles stating that a big reason why certain babies are fussy is simply because they are tired and don't get enough quality sleep. (Well, that makes sense seeing how cranky I get with no sleep!) I never wanted to try the crying it [...]


Sleep Training Battle Plan: Baby Sleep II

Our sleep journey with the Trikester has been tumultuous. Up until six months of age, he slept in the Rock ‘N Play – it was an adequate set-up, but he was starting to outgrow the portable cradle. I knew we needed to get him into the crib, and based on our previous attempts, I was [...]


Jacks on sleep Part I: Why we chose not to do CIO

Infant sleep is probably one of the most commonly talked about subjects both on Hellobee and other parenting forums around the web.  It's no surprise considering the challenges of modern life and the sleep deprivation that parents and infants alike are facing.  Our family thought long and hard about what our approach to sleep would [...]

Do SAHPs deserve to CIO

It is 4 AM. Scribble is over seven months old and has successfully slept through the night many times. But not tonight! Tonight he's up-- for the second time since his 7:30 bedtime. I let him cry for a bit, then nudge my husband awake. "Should I go to him?" I ask. He considers for [...]


Sleep at 8 months & How Baby H Started Sleeping Through the Night at 12 Weeks

{Wouldn't she love to sleep in our big bed?!} After our first night home from the hospital, I absolutely dreaded nightime. Because night with a newborn meant a crying baby, no sleep, struggling to breastfeed with a co-sleeper wedged between Mr. H and me. Baby H cried whenever she was set down and busted out [...]

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