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a belated christmas present

We started Clomid treatments again last October, and our first cycle failed. In November, I had a faint positive test but got my period two days later. It was my third chemical pregnancy, and it really threw me for a loop. I decided to try a third Clomid cycle in December but didn't have much [...]


Our Story: Part I

Most people don't just jump from TTC to Surrogacy. We're no exception. Otter Pop (this is what my husband really wants to be called on here, and I'm not going to say no) and I did everything the "right" way. We met, fell in love, had a long engagement, and were married. We had epic [...]

hyperstimulation and clomid

The first time I heard the word hyperstimulation was in January 2011.  I had just completed a round of Clomid, and had a considerable amount of pain on my right side.  I was brought into my RE's office for an ultrasound to check for over- stimulation of my ovaries.  While I didn't have OHSS, or [...]


a new clomid cycle

Our first child was conceived after our second round of Clomid in 2011.  We had plans of expanding our family and this summer, I found out I was pregnant.  It was the first time I had ever conceived naturally, but we lost that pregnancy shortly after we found out about it.  And, sadly, we had [...]


Infertility: Physical

This is part three of a three part series co-written by me and Mrs. Jump Rope. Part 1 is Infertility: Financial and Part 2 is Infertility: Emotions. One of the less discussed (in our opinion) aspects of infertility is the physical changes your body goes through. It can be especially difficult when you take medications [...]


our journey toward baby #2

It took us three years, seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, a diagnosis of PCOS and two cycles of Clomid to get pregnant with our daughter, Chloe.  After her birth, I went back on birth control pills to regulate my cycles.  Last winter, my OB gave us the go-ahead to start making babies and even told me [...]

On our honeymoon in Mexico we were young and in love and ready to start our family

I am 1 in 8

This week is national infertility awareness week.  I have read that 1 in 8 woman will suffer from infertility.  I am one.  5 years ago in the midst of fertility treatments, I never would have dreamed that I would be sitting here with four children.   I so desperately wanted just one. I have read several [...]

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