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Starting Late with Cloth Diapers

I’d never really put much thought into the type of diapers I put on my babies. As awful as that sounds, it’s true; I bought Pampers Swaddlers when they were newborns because that’s what was recommended, and then we moved to the Kirkland brand diapers because they were a great price, fit well, and came […]


How to Cloth Diaper Like a Champ

Before I had LeLe, I started researching cloth diapers because I thought I wanted to go that route, but I wasn’t sure. If I am completely honest, the number one reason I decided to cloth diaper was because it was way cheaper than using disposables. I have better reasons now beyond the costs. With both […]

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Options for Cloth Diapering a Newborn

We didn’t begin cloth diapering Little Lion until he was 4 months old, so when we knew we had another little one on the way I had my research cut out for me. Having two in diapers at once means twice the expense if you don’t plan carefully. One option we had was to keep […]


Why We Cloth Diaper Our Twins

I’m pretty sure some people thought I was far too ambitious when I said that I was definitely going to cloth diaper the twins. But with all of the things I was uncertain about when it came to being the mother of infant twins and a toddler, cloth diapering didn’t even enter my mind – […]


Cloth Diapers – A Year Later

This time last year I started seriously considering switching to cloth diapers. I had my hesitations (as did Mr. Lion) but I can confidently say that after a year we are very happy with our decision. I thought I would share a bit about our experience along the way. I shared about my process with buying diapers last […]

If I could buy cloth diapers all over again….Part 2

I’m going to devote two posts in this series on what I wish I knew to save a bit of money in a cloth diaper investment. W A I T  F O R  S A L E S Black Friday diaper sales are probably the most cost effective way of building up a diaper stash, […]

Stripping Diapers

When I first looked into cloth diapering, I became aware of the possibility of “stripping” diapers – basically a process of removing residue that can build up and cause the diapers to repel water and leak. I figured as long as I used a “cloth safe” detergent and stayed away from diaper creams, I would […]

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