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Cloth Diapers - A Year Later

This time last year I started seriously considering switching to cloth diapers. I had my hesitations (as did Mr. Lion) but I can confidently say that after a year we are very happy with our decision. I thought I would share a bit about our experience along the way. I shared about my process with buying diapers last [...]

If I could buy cloth diapers all over again….Part 2

I'm going to devote two posts in this series on what I wish I knew to save a bit of money in a cloth diaper investment. W A I T  F O R  S A L E S Black Friday diaper sales are probably the most cost effective way of building up a diaper stash, [...]

Stripping Diapers

When I first looked into cloth diapering, I became aware of the possibility of "stripping" diapers - basically a process of removing residue that can build up and cause the diapers to repel water and leak. I figured as long as I used a "cloth safe" detergent and stayed away from diaper creams, I would [...]


If I could buy cloth diapers all over again....Part 1

Some people collect coins and stamps, others collect china, but did you know people collect cloth diapers? And you don't necessarily have to keep them as pristine as baseball cards. Your baby can use them for two years and you can still get some pretty good money back. I can't predict which diapers will fetch [...]


Cloth Diaper Essentials


Cloth Diapering: We're back!

Well, it's been a long time coming but we are finally back to using cloth diapers! I was thinking of writing a post titled "Cloth Diaper Dropout" but it looks like that won't be necessary. To start, when Little Deer was first born, cloth diapering definitely wasn't on my radar. It's pretty popular with moms [...]


Cloth Diapering a Toddler

Liam is 19 months old and as you can see from his last update, he is still wearing cloth diapers! Here's a breakdown of how it's going now that he's a toddler and not a little baby. The Supply We have 34 Bum Genius 4.0 diapers, most with snaps and a few with velcro, one [...]

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