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Nursing cover-up round up

Oh, breastfeeding in public. My mother scolded me for breastfeeding without a cover in my parent baby class and insisted on shielding me curtain-style with a receiving blanket. If you can't breastfeed comfortably there, then where can you breastfeed? In those early days with a newborn that made a huge fuss about latching, I did [...]

Dressing the part - The Mom look

When I left the hospital after having Lil' Tea Cup, I was wearing yoga pants and a tunic, both maternity and both falling off me. It turns out when you have a big baby, sometimes your belly disappears pretty fast!  Not to say I didn't still have a belly there, but it was greatly decreased [...]


Modifying Toddler Clothes

This is a guest post by Meryl of My Bit of Earth.  ~~~ I love seeing my little son run around in handmade clothes, but I rarely have time to sit down and sew him something completely from scratch. Fortunately, I've discovered that it's often more fun to take existing clothes and add a handmade element [...]


Wittlebee Review

Last August, I signed up for Wittlebee to see what all the buzz was about. The premise of this clothing club is that it is a monthly subscription of six clothing items that are hand-picked by Wittlebee's stylists based on your style profile. The price is $39.99. I had been wanting to try it since [...]

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Favorite Clothing Stores to Shop For Little Ones

The blogger bees have come together to share our favorite clothing stores to shop for little ones. Read on for the scoop on why we love to shop at certain stores! Gap: It's my *favorite* place to buy clothes for Lil' CB. The quality is great for the price you pay and I like to [...]


Duds for Lil' Dudes

Now that I have a little girl in my life to dress, I'm sure I'm going to get totally sucked in to the world of adorable ruffles, bows, ribbons, and polka dots. But before I allow myself (and my wallet!) to be totally taken over, here's a look back on dressing my little dude. Even [...]

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Wittlebee Review

I'd heard good things about Wittlebee's $39.99 monthly children's clothing subscription service, and when Oh! Apostrophe blogged about it (you can see the box of toddler boy clothes she received), I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up for Olive. We got our first box the same week that I signed up!

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