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Treating Constipation with Dietary Changes

Mr. Bee and I have blogged about pretty extensively about childhood constipation because it's such a common problem, and one that's affected Charlie, Olive, and me since I was a child. When Charlie was a toddler, we tried all the typical constipation remedies like prunes, exercise, removing dairy, increasing water intake, etc. But his constipation [...]


The Ins and Outs of Poop, Part 2: the 7 types of poop

Barely two months after we started working with Dr. Tom to treat Charlie's constipation and potty training phobia, Charlie is 1000% improved. I can't believe how long Charlie suffered, and how quickly he improved. I can't recommend enough Dr. Tom's book, The Ins And Outs of Poop. One helpful tip in the book was that [...]

Ask Dr. Tom: My child gets constipated when we travel (or even when we go to church)

Wow, we were blown away by the Hellobee community's interest in childhood constipation and our interview last week with Tom DuHamel, PhD aka Dr. Tom. In case you missed the interview last week, Dr. Tom is a clinical child psychologist who used to be the Chief Psychologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital; he’s been working with [...]


Solid foods & constipation

I recently shared the very beginning of feeding Baby H solids (for us, a variety of purees). It was so happy-go-lucky and fun: having Baby H try different foods and watching her face change into either excitement or absolute disgust! It was fun and an adventure and everything was going great... until this last week [...]


The Ins And Outs of Poop, Part 1

We started Charlie's potty training in June and it went so, so well... at first. He was pretty much immediately pee trained, but after some initial successes with poop training... things fell apart. He began begging for a diaper every time he had to go. Then he would hide under the table to go, where [...]

Treating Toddler Constipation

Charlie has had trouble with constipation on and off for the past 8 months. We've tried addressing it by making dietary changes, but over the past month the problem has just been getting worse. I fear that the problem may largely be psychological because Charlie has been on Miralax for the past week, but he's [...]

Miralax: A Popular Cure But Never Approved For Children

Charlie's been having painful stools lately, which is really interfering with his potty training.  So our pediatrician recommended we try pear and prune juice. We tried both out, but he just hates any juice! We even tried to blend some prune juice into his milk, but he wasn't a fan of that either. So our [...]

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