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DIY Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, I’m sure everyone has their costumes picked out already. But just in case you haven’t, here are some easy and/or inexpensive DIY costumes that you can put together. Although my kids love playing dress up, we usually stick to masks and capes since they’re less expensive, the kids won’t […]


Halloween costume ideas for sensory sensitive kids

In contrast to my younger daughter, who is willing to wear wigs, hair extensions, makeup, and an itchy light up witch costume with a giant tulle skirt, my older daughter has a hard time with Halloween in general. Here are some of her concerns: 1. Being in a school parade and having everyone stare at […]


Regular Clothes That Double as Costumes/Dress Up Clothes

I love items that do double duty. Although we have a couple of dress-up items (mostly hats and accessories), I prefer to purchase items the kids can wear as both their normal clothes and as costumes. Lion loves costume hoodies as he pretends to be Captain America or a Ninja Turtle (so much so that one […]


Costumes from Recycled Materials

Last week was the Week of the Young Child and the kids’ daycare had a lot of fun activities planned for the week, ranging from cooking activities to “camping.” Friday was “recycled costume day” where the kids were supposed to bring costumes made out of recycled materials to school and, in lieu of show-and-tell Friday, […]


Halloween Costumes, It’s Not Too Early!

It may seem a little early to talk about Halloween, but all signs seem to point out that it’s not! While grocery shopping at Safeway the other day, I saw employees putting out Halloween candy and decorations. I’ve also started to see friends pin Halloween costumes on Pinterest. Plus, Halloween is really the next big […]


Sibling Halloween Costumes

I am so excited for Halloween this year. LeLe has not stopped talking about it since last year, and this year Little Bug will be able to join in on the fun. I typically don’t dress up (introvert) but I love the idea of coordinating sibling costumes. I plan on dressing LeLe as Anna from […]


DIY Kid’s Rainbow Unicorn Costume

With Halloween quickly approaching, you may need a quick costume idea for your little one that you can DIY, but doesn’t take forever to make. We’ve got you covered! And since unicorns are the most magical creatures, what child doesn’t want to put on a rainbow mane and a glitter horn and get to be […]

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