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The Waiting Game

As I turn 39 weeks today, my husband and I are officially on baby watch. This week, I started working from home, which is a welcome relief from driving to the office and sitting on a hard desk chair all day. I feel a little more relaxed and definitely more comfortable, but at the same [...]


Mrs. Marker’s Final Days of Pregnancy

The dreaded tenth month, that somehow you don’t learn about until you’re actually pregnant, was just as uncomfortable as you would expect. I was thrilled to reach 37 weeks and have a full-term baby, but it only added to my impatience – I was ready to finally meet our little one! The final days were [...]


Feeling pretty at 40 weeks pregnant

When you’re forty weeks pregnant, it’s almost impossible to feel attractive. The weight gain, swelling, stretch marks, acne, physical discomfort, wardrobe inadequacies and mental uncertainties all contribute to potentially feeling less than your best. I’m not dealing with this whole list, but the new 38 lbs I’m lugging around and the ambiguity of what’s to [...]


The countdown is on!

For a quick recap, here’s what I’ve been doing for the last nine months:

To-Do List Anxiety

I am a girl that loves a good to-do list. Typically, I prominently display the list, tackle each item in quick succession, and then get a gratifying rush from running a red pen through a finished chore. These days, my to-do list is a major source of anxiety. My stupid pregnancy app is telling me [...]

Pre-Baby To Do List

I am officially 36 weeks along (can’t wait to share recent bump shots with you soon!), and I’m finally starting to feel the time crunch weighing heavily on my shoulders! While I hope that Baby H stays cooking until his/her due date, realistically I know that D-Day could happen at any point. Crazy! My usual [...]

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