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Cutting Slits between the slats

DIY: Fleece Crib Teething Rail

When Little Piñata started chewing on his crib rail, I knew we needed to put up a teething guard. I didn’t want to pay $20 for one without being sure that it would fit his crib, so I decided to make one myself. The best thing about making your own is that it’s cheap! You [...]


Charlie’s Leg Got Stuck in a Crib.

On the day before Christmas Eve, Charlie pulled his Ikea stool up to Olive’s crib, climbed in, and started jumping on the mattress. We heard a scream and ran into the room to find Charlie’s leg wedged in between the crib slats. We gave him that bag of m&m’s he had from a trip to [...]


Hello New Crib

We made a crib decision! After tons and tons of indecision we chose crib number. . . . none. We chose not a single one of the cribs on our list. Several of you suggested the Baby Mod Parklane from WalMart and since it met all our criteria and had wonderful reviews, we took a [...]

Adventures in Crib Vaulting: One Week Later

It’s been exactly a week since Wagon Jr. climbed out of his crib twice (or rather, vaulted over the crib rail and fell to the floor), and I just wanted to post a quick update! Here are the things we did: Surrounded the floor of his crib with soft pillows and large stuffed animals in [...]

Adventures in Crib Vaulting

Ever since Wagon Jr. was a baby, he loved his crib. He’s slept in it every night since he was 4 weeks old, and he takes his best naps in his crib. He usually rolls around and sings himself to sleep. We hate to travel because he really sleeps poorly anywhere else other than his [...]

Under Bed (or Crib) Storage

I don’t think you can ever have enough storage; we definitely can’t in our little house. I especially needed some extra storage for the girls’ room.

Refinishing a Vintage Crib

The finished product I can truly call this a vintage crib, because it was my crib when I was a baby. Not only did I use it, but so did my brothers, and my first two kids. This Jenny Lind crib is such a classic design, you can still buy this crib and the design [...]

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