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Postpartum Freezer Meals & The Joys of Cooking with a Toddler

I did a lot to prepare for baby #1, but I failed miserably in anticipating just how difficult it would be to get dinner on the table. It was a major struggle to cook anything - one of my lowest points postpartum was a meal of tacos that never actually made it onto our plates. [...]

The Ultimate Galbijjim (Korean Braised Short Ribs) Recipe

Galbijjim is a very popular Korean braised short ribs dish known for its combination of salty and sweet, infused in falling off the bone short ribs. I usually reserve this recipe for the most special of occasions, like Christmas, but it is perfect for the winter months when you want something warm and hearty to [...]


Chinese Take-Out Fake-Outs (Two slow cooker meals)

Yup. Another slow cooker meal. Actually, two! [In case you haven't guessed... we currently live off of slow cooker meals here. I thought it would be my temporary solution after Pint-Sized came home, just something to get us through the transition phase. Well, four months later and we are still in transition... and I keep [...]


BBQ Chicken for a Crowd (A slow cooker meal)

It's me... your friendly, slow cooker obsessed, bee with another summer slow cooker favorite. (If I'm being honest, this is in our year-round rotation... but it's also our go-to when entertaining during the warmer months or hitting up a pot luck.) I adore this recipe because it is super easy, super forgiving, and super customizable. [...]


Korean Tacos (A slow cooker meal)

I've talked before about how we try to cook as much Korean food as we [realistically] can. It's something that we do to keep our boys' culture alive... but we also really, really love Korean food. That said, some days it's just hard to get a meal on the table... so I've spent a lot [...]


Pasta e Fagioli in the Slow Cooker

It seems that spring may finally have sprung! Maybe? Hopefully?! And in the spring, I love to put my slow cooker to good use... making soup! I know, I know. That seems totally wrong, right?! Soup is supposed to be a winter staple. Here in New England, there's still a chill in the air... but [...]


Crockpot Pork Tenderloin That Will Make You Cry

It's that good. Seriously.  Get the ingredients and make this immediately.  The boys wouldn't eat more than a few bites, but they're on strike from all meat, so the fact that they actually ate more than one bite is a pretty glowing recommendation.  I'm pretty sure if we hadn't finally cut ourselves off, Mr. Blue [...]

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