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It's been very busy in the Jumper household lately. Papa Jumper is in the middle of writing a paper, I'm launching a new wedding collection, and a free night is something that hasn't been available to us in what seems like months. I was on the phone with my photographer a few days ago, and [...]


Ode to Date Night

Last Friday night, I put the kiddo to bed like normal. After confirming the sweet sound of silence outside his door, I did my customary internal happy jig, trotted downstairs with the monitor … … and handed it to a real, live, honest-to-goodness babysitter. After the standard disclaimers about what to do if Little Y [...]

Date Night, Pregnancy Edition: #3 Stargazing

In my quest for pregnancy friendly date nights, we spent time stargazing over the weekend. Our timing was perfect, as it was the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Stargazing sounds cheesy, but I have to admit there’s an undeniable romance factor when laying in the dark under the stars. Stargazing is a great pregnancy [...]

It's hot, but the bambino didn't seem to mind.

Date Night, Pregnancy Edition: #2 - Berry Picking & Jam Making

We’re continuing our quest for pregnancy appropriate date nights, and decided a good date doesn’t necessarily need to happen at night – we have just as much fun doing something on a Saturday morning. So, with that in mind, we recently went raspberry picking and then came home and made jam (which, by the way, [...]


Date Night Ideas During Pregnancy: #1 Cultural Fesitval

We’re guilty of falling into a rut when it comes to date nights. More often than not, date night involves Thai takeout and a Redbox rental. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as we both love Thai and relaxing on the couch, but it seems like we’re wasting our opportunity to leave our house and [...]

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