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Daycare options - from infant to toddler

We the Carrots live and work in the Washington DC area, where demand for daycare is high and the options, while plentiful, are very expensive (think monthly take-home salary kind of expensive) and usually have multi-year waiting lists. According to a recent report, the cost of college tuition and daycare are almost equal in our [...]

Choosing a Daycare

I have to admit -- we visited one daycare. One. I had contacted a few others, and viewed the websites of most in my area. For many, I had my decision formed based on their website and information on it, others I formed a decision based on email or phone contact.  But one daycare center [...]


Daycare Transition: An Update

I shared a little bit ago about how we were preparing to transition Miss H to a daycare (or "school" as we call it at home) 3 days a week. We're now in the midst of our second week with this new childcare routine, so I thought it would be interesting to update how things [...]


Transitioning to Daycare

A little while back I shared that Miss H will be transitioning from her nanny share to a daycare. When I wrote the post the changes still felt so far away. Now, we're at less than 2 weeks away from big changes! Time is moving too fast. Backpack on and ready for school! When I [...]

Hopscotch Childcare Changes

News flash: Miss H is not the sweet, silly little baby anymore: Instead, she is this incredibly adorable, super fun big girl:

Daycare vs. Preschool

Once our kids turned 3, one of the big decisions for us was whether or not to keep them in daycare or move them to a 3's program at a more education-focused preschool. We handled the decisions differently for Charlie and Olive. C H A R L I E Last year when Charlie turned 3, all [...]


Starting Daycare: Bumpy Transitions

After I wrote this post on the first week of school, things started to go downhill for Little Piñata at daycare. The problem is probably related to separation anxiety, over-tiredness, and it's just a two day a week program so he never gets a chance for it to really become routine to him. Before he [...]

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