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Hopscotch Childcare Changes

News flash: Miss H is not the sweet, silly little baby anymore: Instead, she is this incredibly adorable, super fun big girl:

Daycare vs. Preschool

Once our kids turned 3, one of the big decisions for us was whether or not to keep them in daycare or move them to a 3′s program at a more education-focused preschool. We handled the decisions differently for Charlie and Olive. C H A R L I E Last year when Charlie turned 3, all [...]


Starting Daycare: Bumpy Transitions

After I wrote this post on the first week of school, things started to go downhill for Little Piñata at daycare. The problem is probably related to separation anxiety, over-tiredness, and it’s just a two day a week program so he never gets a chance for it to really become routine to him. Before he [...]


Preschool: A New Routine & Letting Go

Just a couple months after Toddler Checkers’ 2nd birthday, we enrolled her in preschool since we no longer had five-day family care available.  While I was pregnant, we had planned all along to enroll her in daycare after my maternity leave and had even signed a couple of waiting lists.  I never dreamed my family [...]

That lovey sure was useful! (Poor guy DOES look tired though.)

First Week at School

I suppose I jinxed myself after writing a post about getting “organized” to go back to school! The day before school started for both of us, Little Piñata decided to get the sniffles. We’re new to the daycare/school atmosphere (technically Little P is enrolled in the Mother’s Day Out Program), and started getting worried about [...]

Choosing a Daycare for the Babies Blue: Part II

After we narrowed down our list of potential daycares and discussed and compiled our list of questions, we called and set up appointments to tour four facilities. Daycare #1 – This had the BEST location.  Read: it is literally blocks from our house and on the road we both drive to work every day.  It [...]

Choosing a Daycare for the Babies Blues: Part 1

For a large chunk of my life, I assumed I would be a full-time, stay at home mom.  My staying home even part-time isn’t a good option for us right now for several reasons: (1) we’re still paying off two sets of law school loans; (2)  I committed to a full-time job with a judge [...]

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