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Our Daycare Decision

If you’ve been following our daycare drama, the most recent issue is the fact that our daycare lost its lease and is closing its doors forever at the end of June. As I noted in that previous post, I contacted about ten center-based daycares in our area and toured most of them. I learned a lot […]

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When Your Daycare Shuts Its Doors Forever

I am so sad to be writing this post! We have not had the best luck with our daycare situation, with our oldest being kicked out of his daycare when he was just a few months old. We thought that it had all worked out for the best, even though it was stressful at the […]

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Searching for Home Daycare

Since we moved cities, we had to start over with our childcare search. But this time we looked for home daycares instead of preschools. Daycare is so different from preschool/toddler programs because they usually mix ages and can be more free spirited and less academic. It is probably more likely to get in right away at […]


What to Bring to Your Kid’s First Day of Preschool

Little CC is getting ready to start his second year of preschool (what?!). Since we’ve done this before, I thought I’d share what we’re stocking up on and sending with him on the first day. This time last year, I was so lost and confused as to what he would need, and I felt a […]

Center Based Daycare vs. In-Home Daycare vs. Nanny Share

We’ve gone back and forth on what childcare arrangement would work best for us: a center-based daycare, in-home daycare or nanny share. We knew that we needed full-time care and I already discussed our deliberations on whether we wanted childcare close to work or close to home. We had discussions about these three types of […]

Should You Pick Childcare Near Work or Near Home?

One of the big dilemmas we had in picking our initial childcare arrangement was whether we should focus on finding one near our work or find one near our home. Our commute into work is about an hour one-way so for us, there is a big difference between the two. We thought we wanted one […]

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When Your Child Gets Kicked Out of Daycare: Part 2

Quick recap: Our four-month-old was kicked out of daycare because he “just doesn’t get daycare.” According to the in-home daycare provider, he cried all the time and refused to nap. The daycare provider texted me that I had a week to find a new daycare, a difficult task because we live in the DC metro […]

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