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On being a “good enough” mom

It has been 2 years since I wrote this post, and 3 since the death of my mom. There is something about the anniversary of life changing events that brings about reflection. I have tried, each year, to carve out time for myself to really stop and consider how all of this has changed me. […]

My Final Parent

It’s been 4 months since my mom died. It’s been a shock, because she was literally the healthiest person that I’ve ever known. Even though she was 73, she could do anything. She gardened with a machete, spoke 5 languages fluently and had just started driving a motorcycle! She was the strongest person I have […]

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A conversation about death

As I was putting my three year old to bed one night, she brought up a conversation about death, completely out of the blue. It went like this. Lil’ Pizza: Why will we surely die? Me: Because that’s just what happens to all of us. Lil’ Pizza: Will I die? Me: Yes, you will die. […]

My sister I didn’t know

I have two younger sisters and I am the oldest of the three of us. This is usually what I tell people when I first meet them, depending on how much I think the person will actually turn out to be involved in my life. The truth is, I have but never knew, another older sister. […]

Choosing a Different Path

Forgive me for posting anonymously, but in order to be really honest here I also need to protect the privacy of my family.  To tell this story I have to go back a bit. I grew up with a mom who stayed home full time, proudly touting Dr. Laura’s slogan, “I am my kid’s Mom,” […]


Handling Questions about Death and Beyond

Mommy, are mummies real? Seems like an easy enough question, right? I paused for a minute knowing that this was one of those parental moments. I could just say no, knowing that he was really asking about the scary monster kind, and avoid the whole uncomfortable talk about death. But then what if a fellow […]

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Life and death during pregnancy

I mentioned earlier about my growing anxieties during pregnancy, but there was also something even bigger happening on Mr. Pencil’s side. During my first trimester, we found out that Mr. Pencil’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Since his parents were divorced, we barely saw my FIL  — maybe two times in our almost 7 years […]

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