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DIY Faux Metallic Oversized Initial

We moved into a new home last summer, but as is typical for me, the “decorating” part of settling in is a slow work-in-progress. I’ve been wanting some oversized initials to display in my boys’ shared room for some time, but not finding exactly what I had in mind, I set out to making my […]


Ikea for Kids

We all know that Ikea is a great source for modern, affordable furniture, but I thought I would share some of my favorite Ikea items that aren’t necessarily for kids. We own and use almost all of these items daily!

Nightstand roundup

nursery nightstand roundup

I’m in the market for a nursery nightstand. I need something to hold a small CD/clock and a lamp, and one drawer for my Flintstones, Expecta prenatal vitamins, and baby’s vitamin D drops. The big box stores fail me in my mid-century inclinations, so most of what you see below is from fabulous etsy artisans, and […]

Bold Colored Furniture

Bright and Punchy Nursery Furniture

I love bold colors. What better excuse to embrace them than because of a small child? I remember crazy furniture in Disneyland as a child and always wanted something curvy and colorful. I love these quirky furniture pieces, and many of them are handmade etsy pieces. The frames (5) are particularly affordable, and they would […]


Bookcase for Juliet

I knew when I was planning Juliet’s nursery that I wanted a beautiful bookshelf, not only for books but also for display purposes. I loved that idea to make Juliet’s nursery more personal.  I fell in love with this bookshelf from Restoration Hardware but the price was simply ridiculous, so the hunt was on. I […]

DIY Bear Mirror | Hellobee

DIY Cork Bear Mirror

I had pinned the most darling bear mirror when pregnant with my daughter, having aims of creating a subtle woodland-themed nursery for her. No longer available, I set about trying to easily recreate the bear mirror, finally settling on cork as a substitute for wood (I haven’t ventured much beyond straight cuts with my jigsaw!) I love […]

Easy Roses

Roses can be intimidating. Thorns? Delicate petals? Do not be afraid. Here’s a surefire way to make a chic and modern rose arrangement that perfect for a baby shower or any other special event in your life.

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