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Our first family photo

A Complicated Pregnancy – Our Journey to Meet Little Lion – Part 3

My pregnancy had already been complicated (read part 1 and part 2 for more about that), so at the end of my 33rd week when I lost what appeared to be my mucus plug followed by leaking of some clear liquid, I turned to Doctor Google. Some websites said that before 35 weeks you should […]

boys facing each other

To Deliver Breech or Scheduled C-Section? That is the question.

This post was written Wednesday, March 6, 2013.   So, the Babies Blue will be arriving next week at an undetermined time through an undetermined method of delivery.  Yeah, there’s a lot up in the air, and this little . . . ahem . . . gigantic mama is ready to have some decisions made.  Here’s […]


Hospital Bag Essentials

Here is what I packed for my hospital stay with Aliya.  Note:  I had a vaginal delivery with no complications, so we only stayed in the hospital two nights.

Blissful Mommy and Baby time

Lil Miss Wagon’s Birth Story, Part 2: Delivery

Part 1 The Epidural The placement was quick, but definitely hurt a lot more than I remembered. I said “ow!” several times as I felt pressure along one side of my spine, and stinging and numbness. During the placement, the resident anesthesiologist said at one point that they had “inadvertently” gone past the epidural space […]

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