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What's in My Bag

{My diaper bag} Ahhh... the infamous diaper bag. I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm constantly struggling to get this right. I had just perfected "What's in my bag" ... and then Mini Michelangelo grew up enough for me not to need to lug one around. So I started carrying a camera [...]


Diaper Bag Review: Kate Spade Denise

After my last post on my perfect diaper bag, a few of you voiced interest in the Kate Spade Denise, so I thought it would be worth doing a review!  This is my current diaper bag. I wish I had gotten this from the getgo because I think if I had, it would've been my [...]


Diaper Bag Review: Babymel Amanda

I absolutely loved my last new diaper bag, the Kate Spade Stevie which I reviewed here, except for one major thing: two-strap bags don't work on me because I have very narrow, sloping shoulders. So as soon as I put the bag on my shoulder, the strap farther away from my body immediately slips off [...]

The-Perfect-Diaper-Bag - Copy

My Perfect Diaper Bag

My very pregnant friend recently asked me to assess a diaper bag, and give my honest feedback on what I thought.  This reminded me of how clueless I felt when I first set out to register for a diaper bag.  There were so many options, it made my head spin! In my 3+ years as a mom, I've experienced [...]


What's in my Bag - Toddler Edition

When Lil' Tea Cup was an infant, I carried everything and the kitchen sink in our diaper bag. If  you don't believe me - you can check out this post about it here.  I don't regret carrying all those goodies around with me for months. I like to feel prepared and I find with infants [...]


Diaper bag of a 4 month old breastfed baby

Here's what I've been toting around in my diaper bag since birth. I think its contents will last me until at least the 6 month mark when she hits some new milestones.


Diaper Bag Review: Kate Spade Stevie

Time to review the ever-popular Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag! This bag comes in so many fun colors and patterns, ranging from your basic solid black to bright stripes, polka dots, and other designs. Since it's a designer bag, the price tag is high, but it's easy to score one of these at one of the [...]

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