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15 of The Best Backpack Diaper Bags

It’s been a few years since I’ve needed to carry a diaper bag, which is both wonderful and sad all at the same time. I still end up schlepping around a ton of gear, but it’s not baby specific so a diaper bag just seems over the top or out of place. A regular bag […]


My Diaper Bag: A Newborn and a Toddler

I love seeing what other people carry in their diaper bags. It’s a little glimpse into how they organize their lives, and lots of times, others have brilliant ideas that I would have never thought of. As mom to two kids (still feels strange to say that!), my diaper bag needs have changed dramatically.Before Baby […]


A Diaper Bag for Two: Baby and Potty Trained Toddler edition

Why does it seem that parenthood comes with SO. MUCH. STUFF? Before I had kids, I always carried a huge purse, filled with all sorts of things I deemed important enough not to leave the house without. And now, after lugging around my children’s crap day in and day out, when I leave the house […]


Seven Diaper Bags That Look Like Purses

My previous diaper bag kicked the bucket—the strap completely broke off—the week after my baby was born. Granted, being a second-time mom helped me keep my cool a little bit since I knew all I really needed was to stuff the essentials (diaper and wipes, spare onesie, Ziploc bag, and a burp cloth) into my […]


Diaper Bag Review: Kate Spade Denise

After my last post on my perfect diaper bag, a few of you voiced interest in the Kate Spade Denise, so I thought it would be worth doing a review!  This is my current diaper bag. I wish I had gotten this from the getgo because I think if I had, it would’ve been my […]


Diaper Bag Review: Babymel Amanda

I absolutely loved my last new diaper bag, the Kate Spade Stevie which I reviewed here, except for one major thing: two-strap bags don’t work on me because I have very narrow, sloping shoulders. So as soon as I put the bag on my shoulder, the strap farther away from my body immediately slips off […]


Diaper Bag Review: Kate Spade Stevie

Time to review the ever-popular Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag! This bag comes in so many fun colors and patterns, ranging from your basic solid black to bright stripes, polka dots, and other designs. Since it’s a designer bag, the price tag is high, but it’s easy to score one of these at one of the […]

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