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Postpartum Freezer Meals & The Joys of Cooking with a Toddler

I did a lot to prepare for baby #1, but I failed miserably in anticipating just how difficult it would be to get dinner on the table. It was a major struggle to cook anything – one of my lowest points postpartum was a meal of tacos that never actually made it onto our plates. […]

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Turkey Lettuce Wraps

We’ve been working hard to utilize all the fresh produce we get from our weekly CSA share, and sometimes it’s a struggle to finish all the fresh lettuce we get. One surefire way to consume it all is to wrap it around delicious fillings. This recipe is easy, quick and healthy, and even though it’s […]

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Summer Pasta with Shrimp

I love me some pasta, but I’m not a fan of red sauce. But I am a fan of dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less. So here’s a quick summer pasta that was a hit for my whole family. I made it with shrimp, but you could really use any protein in […]


They say that breads are high in salt, so I thought I could make a better go of it making things myself. A biscuit recipe I made the other day called for a teaspoon of salt, which I realized was 2,325 mg of sodium in the 15 biscuits it yielded – that’s 155mg of sodium per […]

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Beef and Basil Salad

This is a meal I make all the time in the summer.  It is easy to customize with what you have in your fridge, and it is very forgiving.  It incorporates a lot of Asian-inspired flavors, but is made with American staples. In fact, there’s one very, very American ingredient (no judgement please).  Can you […]

Family Dinner

Family Dinner

In November Mr. Stroller, Little M and I packed our bags and went to my in-laws’ house for a week while work was done on our kitchen. While we were there my MIL made dinner and we all ate as a family around 5:15pm each night. Little M took his bath at 6 and by […]

Chicken Noodle Casserole Recipe

This is pretty much my “everything but the kitchen sink” type recipe.  This makes for a quick, easy weeknight meal made with chicken and whatever veggies you have on hand.  Before you know it, you’ll have a hot, piping, delicious meal all ready to go.  The creaminess of the mushroom soup and the bubbly cheese […]

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