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Day in the Life of a Part-Time WOHM (On “days off”)

I previously wrote a DITL post featuring a day that I go to work. But, since I work part-time I thought I would share what a Tuesday or Thursday look like since I don’t go in to teach preschool on those days. 7am (or so) – Mr. Piñata and I don’t set our alarms on [...]


A day in the life of a SAHM of two

I thought I could fill you all in about what goes on in the crazy Palette house these days. It’s worth mentioning that most of my days Monday – Friday are pretty different. They have the same general rhythm (I posted about the schedule I try to use as a guide throughout the day previously), [...]

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A Day of Meals for a 1 Year Old and 3 Year Old

I admit — I had high hopes for Noelle when I started her on Baby Led Weaning, and she seemed to gobble up everything I put in front of her without a fuss.  I thought maybe, just maybe, I’d get a free pass and not have to deal with a picky eater.  Nope – baby [...]


A Day in The Life with a toddler as a Part-Time WOHM

I recently stopped to count the number of part-time jobs that I have. The total came to 5. FIVE! Obviously there needs to be some cuts in the months to come, but for right now this is life as we know it. This means life can be a bit harried at times even though I [...]


A Day In the Life: WOHM with Twins

The last time I did a Day in the Life post, the boys were 8 weeks old and I was still on maternity leave.  Our days look ever so different now.  It’s a bit of hope for all the parents of itty bitty twins out there!  Just to make this really realistic of our lives, [...]


A Day’s Worth of Meals

I have so enjoyed reading about all the baby bees and their daily meals!  It has really inspired me to see everyone’s fun and creative meals, and it has given me valuable insight into portion size and the frustrating realities of catering to picky toddlers. So I thought we would play along! Scribble has an [...]


Day in the Life of a Part-Time WOHM

Toddler parenting is a lot more structured than infant parenting.  When Scribble was an infant, our day centered around his sleep schedule, and the length of his naps was variable.  Now he has just one nap a day, so we get out a lot more.  Also, Scribble needs to burn energy during his day, which [...]

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