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Ready for the day

Part Time WOHM-Daily Routine

I’ve seen a couple of these on here recently from some of the other bloggers, so I thought I would throw my hat into the ring! Currently I’m working out of the home for 30 hours a week from 8am to 2:3o pm. Here’s what a week day in my life looks like! 5:45am – […]

island hopping

Week in the Life – WAHM on a Remote Tropical Island

I’d been wanting to do a Day in The Life post for a while, but we’ve had so much going on (lots of travel, lots of friends visiting). But that’s our new normal since our lives don’t have much of a consistent schedule here anyway, so I guess this glimpse into a week in our […]

M preparing coffee with his keurig

Day in the Life: Weekday Routine of another WOHM

I love reading about the morning routines of other parents and how they manage work, family and personal events in an effective way. Although it took us a while to establish a consistent schedule, we’ve settled into a nice flow that has been working for us for a while. Here’s what a typical workday looks […]

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Day In the Life Of: Weekday Schedule of a Work-Out-Of-House Mom

Before I became pregnant, I worried a lot about balancing work and family. Mr. Dolphin and I are both attorneys who work out of the house. At the time when we were discussing whether we wanted to try to have children, I was often working sixty to eighty hours a week, traveling internationally for work […]

Lilly eating

A day in the life with twinblings

I am approaching the end of my maternity leave and thought it would be fun to document what a day looks like for me at home with the girls before I head back to work. I chose to start my 24-hour period at noon on a Thursday and conclude the next day at the same […]


A Day in the Life of a Stay-At-Home Dad

On June 1st, I started back to work full time, in a new position that requires more time and travelling than I’m used to. Since Mr. O started back to school in November, he’s now at home with the kids Monday to Friday. He and I have much different approaches to our stay-at-home days, so […]


Day in the Life of a Mom of 3

After 7 months I finally got a picture of all 3 of them…on my cell phone 12:34 AM: I hear a little stirring over the monitor. Fiona has started to sleep through the night this past month. She normally will go to bed around 7-9 PM depending on her latest nap and can sleep until […]

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