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It was windy on this hike but we made it to the top.  Life with big kids is a wild and fun adventure.

A day in the life: Two working parents and kids in elementary school

It has definitely been a while since I posted a blog here on Hellobee. It is kind of like saying hello to old friends who I haven’t seen in awhile. So I figured a quick day in the life post would help us catch up. Now we are a household with 2 full time working […]


Week in the Life – Working Mom with a Flexible Schedule

One benefit of traveling a few times a year is that it keeps your home life fresh. Every time we return home it feels so good to have consistency again, and an added benefit is that we have a chance to reset and refocus our intentions for life in general. It’s so easy to go […]

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Weekend in the Life – Memorial Day

Our weekends have changed a lot since Max was born. Whereas they used to be fairly low-key (i.e. Netflix marathons, DIY projects), they’re now a lot more kid-friendly and action packed. Each one is different, especially when grandparents are in town. Here’s a look at what we did this past Memorial Day weekend when Pops […]

Audrey is often awake before we enter her room in the mornings, and almost always in a good mood!

Day in the life with twinblings at one year

Right before I went back to work last August, I did a Day in the Life Post here. I go back to that post every once in a while and it amazes me how crazy my life was at that time. With the girls hitting their one-year birthdays right now, I thought it would be […]


(Week)day in the Life: Baby at Home & Preschooler

I love day in the life posts! It’s fun to see little snippets of people’s realities. In this case, I took these photos and notes on a weekday, which meant M was away at preschool. I think it’d be interesting to compare that to a weekend when Mac Daddy and M are home, or in […]

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A Day in the Life: Marshmallow Edition

I love day in the life posts. It’s like a raw glance into the routines of different families. I’ve been planning to do this for awhile, but have been failing to remember in the morning to start taking photos, and here we are over a month after I planned. I found myself wishing I could snap […]


A Day in the Life: SAHM of Two

March 14, 2017 Crumb- 2.5, Chip- 1 year 6:25 AM: Mr. Cookie wakes me up before my alarm to say both boys are awake. They frequently wake up around the same time. We divide and conquer. I get Chip and bring him into my bed to nurse so I can lay down for a few […]

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