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Our Montessori Style Children’s Room

I’d been putting off sharing the end result of Roman’s first children’s room in hopes that I’d eventually finish decorating with all the little touches I originally dreamt up. Alas, with us moving to a new apartment a month from now, this is as good as it’s going to get! When we first moved from our one […]

Mildly Messy Texture Dough Recipes

Mildly Messy Texture Dough Trio

Do your kids enjoy exploring new textures? Or maybe you have a child who resists textures, but who needs to get a little more comfortable with them? These three play dough recipes are a great way for them to start feeling (and smelling!) new things. They will leave hands a little messier than regular play […]

crafting with Norah3

Fingerpainting Without the Mess Taken to the Next Level

I love making things. I really always have. My Mom used to skip the toys and dolls and just bring a few crayons and a tiny notepad in her purse because she knew that they could keep me entertained and happy for hours.When I dreamed about becoming a mom, crafting was one of the things […]

DIY Fall Leaves that Crinkle

How to Sew Fall Leaves that Crinkle

Ahhh…fall. It’s nearly here and before too long there will be colorful leaves covering the ground. I love hearing the sounds of crispy, crunchy leaves underfoot. You know, until the rain comes and makes them a mucky mess. Let’s not think about that though. This easy sewing project will result in leaves that remain crunchy […]

DIY Geoboard Project

DIY Geoboard for Math Play

Geoboards are a fun learning tool to introduce kids to math concepts. Actually, they can continue to be used even through high school geometry! The basic idea is simple: stretching colored bands over a grid of pegs. Educational stores sell them, and you’ll find them in many classrooms, but you can make your own with […]

Straw art with Tempera paint at How we Montessori

Some fun craft and art ideas

I’m always looking for new and fun craft and art ideas to do with my children. I choose activities I think they will like, but I also try to expose them to new materials and techniques. Here are a few craft and art activities we have tried recently. Above we used tempera paint (with lots […]

Rainbow No-Cook Play Dough

make a rainbow of no-cook play dough

I’ve always been a fan of homemade play dough. When I was a little girl my mom would make cooked dough on the stovetop, and it was wonderful. Cooked play dough is good stuff, but it’s not-so-convenient to make, and kids can’t help as much. This no-cook play dough recipe is a great alternative because it […]

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