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Super Simple DIY Nursery Letters

I have developed an obsession with Paper Source and seek out excuses to pick out beautiful pieces of paper whenever I can. My favorite craft project so far has been these letters for the nursery. It’s so very simple, takes no talent, and with all of the gorgeous paper to choose from, you can easily [...]


DIY Animal Face Snack Mats

Regardless of age, we all love a good snack. And while it’s important for children to learn to eat well at meals, they often need a little something to get them through the afternoon. These easy-to-make mats will give even the simplest of snacks a bit of extra character. And because they can be wiped [...]


DIY Ruffle Lamp Shade

I never knew I’d care so much about a silly lampshade. I mean, it’s a lampshade, for crying out loud! But there I was, staring at a normal shade to sit on top of an old Eiffel Tower lamp I’ve had for ages, and I knew “normal” just wasn’t going to cut it. So I [...]


Counting Sheep Activity

Growing up, I remember seeing lots of cartoons with people counting sheep as they dreamed, and I vaguely remember trying this myself as a means to fall asleep. Did it work? I can’t recall. But I do think that sheep hopping over a fence is awfully cute. This simple activity is designed to do several [...]


Onesie Upcycle

If your toddler is anything like mine, getting them to stand, sit or maintain a position conducive to snapping a onesie closed has become a nearly impossible task. If your dryer is anything like mine (and you have the tendency toward forgetting to snap onesies closed, like I do), you’ve probably lost a few onesie [...]


DIY Dol Towers (Go-Im)

For a traditional Korean First Birthday, items such as fruit and nuts are artfully displayed on a table (dolsang) to symbolize prosperity. Towers made of beans, seeds, nuts, rice cakes, or candy make for a beautiful table display. These days, many parents choose to rent plastic towers or create towers of their own. When I [...]


Sweet Strawberry Basket Beanbag Game

This is a post from our new DIY contributor, Mollie from Wild Olive (love the blog name)! .  .  .  .  . I love making things that don’t take too long and can be used in lots of ways, and I especially love when those things have happy little faces on them. This beanbag game can [...]

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