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DIY Kids’ Travel Journal

I came across this art journal years ago on Alphamom, and filed the idea away in the back of my mind. A mom of 5-year-old twins spent a couple minutes every night drawing what their family did that day. The journal was meant for her kids to preserve and talk about memories together, and even read as […]

Peg Doll Travel Pack

DIY Peg Doll Travel Pack

When she was little, my younger sister loved playing with toy people. Anna was a very active little girl, and “playing people” may have been when she was the most settled and focused. She loved the activity so much that pretty much anything could become people to play with. Tall blocks, crayons, anything that was approximately […]


Cooking With Your Toddler

Jackson is fascinated with cooking. Every night when it’s time to cook dinner I will ask if he wants to help, and he runs to the kitchen shouting “cook! cook! cook!” He then spends his time happily helping, playing with various food I give him, and just generally being a delight. Now, let me tell […]


DIY Toddler Activity Kit With Printable Activity Cards and Shopping List

When it comes to providing fun activities for Little Lion to do throughout the day I commonly run into two big problems: 1) I have a hard time thinking of ideas off the top of my head and don’t always want to dig through Pinterest to find something. 2) I hate when setting up an […]

Instantly Framed Kids Art

Create Fabric Art with Your Kids

Do you have a young artist in your home? I’m willing to bet that you do, because kids are good at art, and I think it’s so important to encourage that gift for as long as you can. One way to do that is to let your child try different ways of making art, and […]

handprint flag shirt

Six 4th of July DIY T-Shirt Ideas

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some fun arts and crafts! Since Little SB is 2 years old, she’s more interested in arts & crafts activities and I don’t worry about her trying to eat the art supplies. She still tends to make a mess because she […]

Fluorescent Fireworks Printing

Print Fluorescent Fireworks with DIY Stamps

Fireworks are a summertime favorite. They are enjoyed at celebrations, ball games, and holidays, and with this art project, they can be enjoyed in your home too! I’ve always thought that fireworks were beautiful, but as a child I couldn’t tolerate their booming and startling sounds. These brightly printed pyrotechnics would have been right up my […]

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