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Boobsie DIY Nursing Pads tutorial

I’ve read that some reusable nursing pads leak and I think it’s a lack of absorbancy issue (ie 100% cotton isn’t all that absorbent). When they are handmade, it can be because the maker has chosen all-natural fibers, and nothing synthetic. “Fitted diapers” are also like this – they absorb moisture up to a point, [...]

Painting Your Own Onesies

Pastel colors and doodly-drawn, unremarkable animals on baby clothes are not for me. What’s wrong with bright, punchy colors, baby world? So I registered for blank onesies so I could design my own, and rounded up some barely used solid colored onesies from Value Village, too. Then three months into my pregnancy I decided to host [...]

Toddler Latches Board

Toddler Latches Board

For Christmas this year Little M’s Nola and Grandpa made him a latches board. They took a trip to a big hardware store and bought every kind of interesting latch they could find. As Nola said, “anything a toddler would want to get into.” Grandpa cut, sanded and sealed a small piece of cabinet grade [...]


DIY Faux Metallic Oversized Initial

We moved into a new home last summer, but as is typical for me, the “decorating” part of settling in is a slow work-in-progress. I’ve been wanting some oversized initials to display in my boys’ shared room for some time, but not finding exactly what I had in mind, I set out to making my [...]


Learning door etiquette

Miss H has been terrible with doors lately! One issue has been with her sweetly saying “bye bye” to us while closing herself into her bedroom, a closet, or the bathroom. We don’t encourage this behavior (especially after she locked herself in the bathroom!) and she continues to find it hilarious. Our other issue is her [...]

DIY Chalkboard Sign

DIY Birthday Chalkboards

After about a second and a half of searching for first birthday ideas, you quickly discover that birthday chalkboards are trendy, trendy, trendy at the moment.  Even though I try to avoid jumping on every single trend, I really wanted to have these for the Baby Dudes’ first birthday.  The thing is they contain a [...]


Toddler Treasure Map and Scavenger Hunt Printables

Imaginative play is in full swing for Gemma these days, and I am trying to help her have fun in her newfound adventureland. I came up with a cute idea to turn our backyard into a treasure hunt for her. Since I made this map, I figured this might be a good game for her [...]

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