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Birthday Banners

I’d consider myself to be a semi-crafty person. I like crafting, to a degree. A little project here and there is fun, but too much of one, especially one that requires lots of precision and exact measurements, and I’m stressed out and frustrated. Because of this, when it comes to Lil’ CB’s birthday parties, I [...]

calm down bottle

Calm Down Bottles

At almost five, one might think that Lil’ CB might be past the need for timeouts. But one would be foolishly mistaken in that case. ;) As Lil’ CB has grown older, his outbursts and tantrums have certainly grown fewer and farther between, but we still do see them and we still combat them with [...]



I am not a scary movie type of girl. I haven’t watched a scary movie since the original Scream (I couldn’t use public restrooms for months, and I always use the one against the wall now so I only have one unexposed side). Sometimes my over active imagination gets to me after seeing or reading [...]


Learning Materials for Toddlers – DIY Montessori Toys

Little Lion is at such a fun age right now. He is finally beginning to “play” in a more traditional sense. Until now, play for him mostly consisted of climbing, running, reaching for anything that was clearly off limits, pulling everything out of cabinets…you get the idea. Now, though, he is interested in putting things [...]

diy magnatiles

Toys I Want to Make My Kids

I love toys.  Even before I had kids, I used to like to pass through the toy aisles in Target to look at what was out there. Now that I have kids, I spend a lot of time researching the best educational toys and games to buy them.  Recently I started to pin some toy [...]

diy animal chalk

DIY Chalk

I recently discovered how to make chalk, and thought it would be a fun project to try with Drake since he loves drawing on the driveway or patio with chalk. Making chalk is really easy.  All you need is: A mold Plaster of Paris Water Popsicle Sticks Paint Cups

The Perpetual Shopping List

updated: here is a downloadable word file so you can customize this list for yourself! I know a lot of bees have created great systems for their meal planning – like index cards with the needed ingredients for go-to recipes, creating a master list of aforementioned recipes (I really should do this), freezer meals, doing the whole [...]

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