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30 “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I gifted bamboo plants to Charlie and Olive’s teachers last year because I loved the sentiment behind the “thanks for helping me grow” tag, as well as giving them something that lasts. Bamboo is seriously hard to kill, even for my black thumb! For Teacher Appreciation day this May 5th, I’ll be giving succulents, another hard […]

Snappy Shape Maker

DIY Snappy Shape Maker

When I was growing up my grandpa had a folding ruler. I remember being so drawn to it, but not being allowed to play with it. But a zigging, zagging tool can be so much fun…and educational too! I’ve made my own version that’s softer and safer, but still just as fun. And you can too! […]


Rainbow Crafts for Spring

Drake’s preschool class had a rainbow-themed spring party right before Spring Break. The other class mom and I decided to make a rainbow fruit platter as part of the snack/decoration for the party. While the other mom worked on the mini Easter egg hunt, I was tasked with finding a craft to fit the rainbow theme. These were […]

DIY Color Matching Flower Clips

DIY Color Matching Flower Clips

I love when I can combine a few functions into one thing. I also love putting things in rainbow order. This little DIY activity accomplishes both of those things. With a few simple supplies, your kids can practice color matching, work on their fine-motor skills, AND create a rainbow flower garden! Here’s how…


DIY Printable Name Labels

Kids come with a lot of stuff, and if you aren’t careful that stuff disappears pretty quickly! Recently I made some printable labels for my own kiddos, and thought I would share this quick and easy process so you can make some of your own too! My directions are very specific and therefore very wordy, but if […]


Easter Egg Roundup

Mr. Chocolate’s family is really big into dyeing Easter eggs. It’s a tradition to have Good Friday dinner and then dye eggs as a family, with some extended family coming for the tradition. Before we had kids I never had any huge feelings toward the activity, but now that Drake and Juliet are here it […]


Easter Activity: Painting Craft Eggs

Last year, we didn’t really do anything special for Easter – Jackson was only three-ish months old, and was way too young to actually care about anything other napping and milk. This year? He’s really starting to get excited about stuff, so we are diving in headfirst to the Easter festivities! We debated dying eggs […]

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