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20 DIY Christmas Ornaments

I admit I'm not much for the holidays. As a child of immigrants, my parents didn't really understand American customs. We did see family around the holidays and I believed in Santa for a while, but as a whole holidays were always small and never a big production. Even after I married Mr. Chocolate, I [...]


Shadowbox Baby Project

After 7 months, I started to realize that those little baby trinkets I saved were still collecting dust in a corner. So I made a trip to one of my favorite stores, Michaels, when I got a 40% coupon in the mail. A shadowbox is an easy project that anyone can do under 30 minutes! [...]


DIY See Saw

Drake has been obsessed with see saws for quite some time.  He loves the one at a local park and it's his favorite thing to play on with Juliet.  I mentioned this to Mr Chocolate in passing, and then one weekend afternoon Mr. Chocolate made Drake's dream come true. I was so surprised how quickly [...]

tent teepee1

30 Play Tents to Make or Buy

When I started thinking of ideas for the new baby's nursery, I decided I wanted a space where Liam could hang out and read or do puzzles. As I started gathering inspiration, I realized that one fun way to do this would be to include a play tent that Liam would love and his baby [...]


Dyeing Wooden Discs with Kool-Aid

Natural wooden toys are versatile and fun for kids of all ages. They look pretty, and I think they lead to peaceful play. Using Kool-Aid to color unfinished wood pieces is a great way to customize your own set of toys that aid in fine motor, visual art and math skills. Older children can even [...]


DIY Monster Toss

I am class mom this year for Drake's Pre-K class. Our first party is coming up this week, a Halloween party, and I have been preparing to make it fun and entertaining for the kids. In the few weeks leading up to this party, I have been glued to Pinterest looking for ideas and decided [...]


How To Make Cardboard Even More Fun For Kids!

Between the deliveries of diapers and household products, we always seem to have an over abundance of cardboard boxes to recycle. (Because the less shopping we must do with baby in tow the better, right?!) I constantly find myself pinning inspiration for awesome cardboard DIY creations for kids, and decided it was time to round [...]

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