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Six 4th of July DIY T-Shirt Ideas

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some fun arts and crafts! Since Little SB is 2 years old, she’s more interested in arts & crafts activities and I don’t worry about her trying to eat the art supplies. She still tends to make a mess because she […]

Fluorescent Fireworks Printing

Print Fluorescent Fireworks with DIY Stamps

Fireworks are a summertime favorite. They are enjoyed at celebrations, ball games, and holidays, and with this art project, they can be enjoyed in your home too! I’ve always thought that fireworks were beautiful, but as a child I couldn’t tolerate their booming and startling sounds. These brightly printed pyrotechnics would have been right up my […]


DIY Blackout Curtains

I’m a huge fan of curtains and love the way they complete a room. I’m also incredibly picky when it comes to curtains and have a hard time finding a fabric I love that is long enough for my windows in stores. So I recently made blackout curtains for Baby P’s nursery, and it is […]


DIY Marble Magnets

I have seen these marble magnets in many Montessori type activities, so I decided to make some of my own! They were incredibly easy, and are so much fun for Little Lion to manipulate. An important word of caution…these should only be used under very close supervision, as they are not only a choking hazard […]


Mom Shortcuts: Unconventional Uses for a Flat Iron

Here’s something you might not know about me: I’m super lazy. Seriously, though, I’m all about shortcuts and “hacks” that make life easier and give me less work. Case in point? I haaaaaate ironing. I honestly don’t even know where our ironing board is and still don’t know how to properly work our iron (that […]

Easy Alphabet Learning Activity Sticks

Easy Alphabet Learning Sticks

Even though the official school year has wrapped up most places in the USA, I think that learning is something that happens all year. Right? I think it happens in schools, at home, on road trips, at parks, and everywhere else. Which is why this easy to make activity is perfect for any season! Whether your […]

DIY Award Medals

Award Your Kids with Handmade Medals

Some days, do you feel like you deserve a medal? How about your kids? Do they have days that could use a little extra recognition? These easy-to-make mini awards are perfect for those times. Maybe your child just tried something for the first time. Give them a felt badge. Did they show some extra kindness? Award […]

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