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Toddler Craft: Bird Feeders

We all know how important it is to keep toddler hands busy and engaged, especially this time of year when the weather is cooler and little ones can easily go stir crazy without the extra stimulation. My two youngest children and I recently spent a morning creating these little bird feeders, and we thought we […]


Rock Art

Drake has a massive rock collection he has been collecting for some time now. He finds rocks on walks, the beach, when we visit friends’ homes, the park, and even in our own yard and adds them to his growing assortment. Sometimes I find a rock I think he will like and bring it home […]

Easy-Sew Snack Pouch Rainbow

Easy-Sew Reusable Snack Bags

When packing lunches for school or snacks for an outing, it’s easy to grab for a plastic sandwich bag, but why not make a more eco-friendly choice with reusable fabric snack bags? These pouches are fast and easy to sew, they have a child-friendly closure, and they look cute as they’re holding your child’s favorite […]

Mushrooms Prints at Hello Bee

Making Mushroom Prints with Children

Mushrooms are amazing! Have you ever made mushroom prints with your children? It’s really easy and all you need is some paper, mushrooms, and a few bowls. The results look spectacular and it can be an easy or complex lesson, depending on the age of your children, on how mushrooms reproduce.


DIY Baby Dress – Done is Better than Perfect

I enjoy my work, but since it’s in the digital world, I’ll be going about my typical schedule of work and momming and suddenly get the urge to make something tangible. Pre-kid, I used to subsequently end up crafting until four in the morning just listening to music and working it out to my heart’s content. Those days […]

Fringed Flannel Blankets

DIY Fringed Flannel Receiving Blankets

Flannel receiving blankets are often plentiful, but they’re also usually quite small. With this easy DIY, you can make your own fringed blankets that are large enough to be used for swaddling. They’re so simple to make that anyone who can sew a straight line can make them. Sew and snip a few for your nursery […]


Creating a Personalized ABC Book

My favorite of all of the gifts I have given my boys is the personalized ABC books I made for each of their first birthdays. The boys love looking at them, I had fun making them, and they make a great keepsake. I am a huge fan of photo books in general. I’ve shared before […]

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