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Choosing a Double Stroller – Britax B-Agile Double Review

When we found out we were expecting Baby Lion, the one piece of baby gear that I insisted I had to have was a double stroller. Living in the suburbs, but also in a walking-friendly area, I used my single B-Agile stroller at least once, sometimes 3-4 times a day! I knew that having two […]

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Babywearing + Strollers – What Works For Us

In our house, babywearing and using strollers were never mutually exclusive gear choices! We went back and forth between a few different options and although we’ve grown out of the baby wearing (both boys are over 25lbs!), these were our favorite options. When K was an infant, we wore him out in this simple (and inexpensive) […]

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Choosing a Double Stroller

There have been a lot of questions regarding double strollers on the boards recently, so some of our mamas with 2 kids share experiences, pros, cons and regrets about our double strollers below! All of our kids are about 22 months – 2 1/2 years apart. Mrs. High Heels/WOHM/Suburbs Our first double stroller was the […]

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Strollers for 2 Kids

Double stroller needs are going to vary based on where you live, your lifestyle, and your children’s ages. You may even be able to get by without one. But strollers are essentially our cars here in New York and with two kids under two, a double stroller was a must for us. We’ve been through several […]


Double Stroller

After Juliet was born, I debated back and forth about whether I wanted to buy a double stroller. Double strollers are very expensive; I feel like it’s a huge price jump from a single to a double stroller, and at three Drake doesn’t really ride a stroller much these days. After being cooped up in […]


Double Strollers for Twins

Almost every new mother-to-be asks, “What stroller should I buy?”  But if you are a future twin mom, the answer can be a little more complicated. I had a lot of stroller confusion when I found out I was having two babies. Although there are way less options for double strollers, navigating the needs of […]


More Stroller Options for 2 Kids

I blogged about the three strollers we owned with Charlie here (car seat stroller frame, City Mini, Maclaren Quest), and the double strollers I was considering here. We’ve since added 2 more strollers to our collection to accommodate 2 kids, and we’re definitely done as far as strollers are concerned! Here is the final chapter […]

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