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The Benefits of Playing Card Games for Kids

Olive is 4 1/2 and learned how to play Uno a couple months ago. She is hooked and we call her the Uno Queen because she almost always wins! We play Uno or cards almost every day in our home, and I can see the many positive impacts it has had on both kids. Charlie has […]

Book extension and play ideas at Hello Bee

Book extension and play ideas!

Most young children love books and often have their favourites. My five-year-old likes not only to read his favourite books but also to act them out, to role play with them. He will get out toys and retell the stories. This feels like important play and important for his development. To make it easier, and […]

Easy Alphabet Learning Activity Sticks

Easy Alphabet Learning Sticks

Even though the official school year has wrapped up most places in the USA, I think that learning is something that happens all year. Right? I think it happens in schools, at home, on road trips, at parks, and everywhere else. Which is why this easy to make activity is perfect for any season! Whether your […]

Snappy Shape Maker

DIY Snappy Shape Maker

When I was growing up my grandpa had a folding ruler. I remember being so drawn to it, but not being allowed to play with it. But a zigging, zagging tool can be so much fun…and educational too! I’ve made my own version that’s softer and safer, but still just as fun. And you can too! […]

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Teaching Your Child About Calendars

I really wanted to start teaching Charlie about time so he would know which days he had school, when certain events were coming up, and about the general passage of time. I got a nice large calendar from Paper Source and hung it on his bedroom wall. I filled it with important dates like birthdays, […]

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