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Valentine Donut Friends Craft

Happy Donut Friends Valentine Paper Craft

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these happy donut friends! They’re a fun way to send a sweet message to friends, but they also make a great classroom craft during a Valentine party. With a bit of bit of paper, a few pipe cleaners, and some sparkly “sprinkles”, these donut pals come to life! This is a great craft […]

Kid-Friendly Nature Mobile

Make a Nature Mobile with Your Kids

When spring comes along, I’m so eager for sunshine and kids are especially ready to get outside again. When you walk through your yard or neighborhood, you’re likely to see new growth, as well as a few bits of nature left from the previous seasons. Celebrate our beautiful world and the plants and trees around us […]

Recycled Bottle Candle Holder

DIY Recycled 2-Liter Candle Holder

I love seeing the joy on kids’ faces when something they’ve made is proudly displayed or used. This project is one that is so good for creating that experience. Even very young children can decorate this candle holder, which makes a fun and festive addition to your family dinner table. Does it look a little […]

No-Sew Art Pouch

No-Sew Art Pouch

Do you have a young artist in your family? Or maybe there are times when your little one just needs a quiet activity on hand? Keeping crayons and paper around are essential. Give them the supplies they need in a convenient pouch they can wear around their neck. It makes a great stocking stuffer, party […]

DIY Geoboard Project

DIY Geoboard for Math Play

Geoboards are a fun learning tool to introduce kids to math concepts. Actually, they can continue to be used even through high school geometry! The basic idea is simple: stretching colored bands over a grid of pegs. Educational stores sell them, and you’ll find them in many classrooms, but you can make your own with […]

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