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Baby Pencil's birth story

It all started towards the end of March when I became extremely antsy to get the show on the road. I was bouncing on my yoga ball, drinking the 3rd trimester raspberry leaf tea around the clock, and trying to do every trick in the book to get the baby out. Why? Because I hadn't been [...]


Bunny Tales: Julia's Birth Story

While I was pregnant I read so many birth stories and found every single one of them helpful in some way, so it’s my hope that this will help someone else. My induction was set for a Friday morning at 6 am. I was 41 weeks pregnant, and I could hardly sleep that night. Nerves [...]


Lil' Tea Cup's birth story

With the chill of the morning air coming through our open bedroom windows, I got dressed in my "labour outfit," which had been hanging on my closet door for weeks waiting for the natural beginning of labour to take place. I wanted to feel like myself and look like myself even though the fact that [...]

My Cursed Spine

If you've followed my posts at all here on Hellobee, you're probably familiar with the story of my 3 failed epidurals with my first delivery. My epidural took full effect, but wore off after a few hours. After pumping many different drugs into me and adjusting the position of the catheter, I had a second [...]

Blissful Mommy and Baby time

Lil Miss Wagon's Birth Story, Part 2: Delivery

Part 1 The Epidural The placement was quick, but definitely hurt a lot more than I remembered. I said "ow!" several times as I felt pressure along one side of my spine, and stinging and numbness. During the placement, the resident anesthesiologist said at one point that they had "inadvertently" gone past the epidural space [...]

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