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Ultrasonic Diffuser 1

Using an Ultrasonic Diffuser (and Essential Oils) with Children

I am fairly new to using essential oils with my children. We have been using them for around a year and I’m just starting to work out what works for us! My children do not have any health problems so we use essential oils for wellness, for concentration, creating calm and for relaxation. I often […]

A great selection of oils for pregnancy ailments

Essential Oils in Pregnancy, Labor and Breastfeeding

As most of you probably know, I’ve never been pregnant or been in labor. But, from what I hear, neither one is altogether a very comfortable experience. So, when I heard about all the wonderful essential oils you can use during pregnancy to help ease various types of discomfort, I thought it would be nice […]

Here are some of our glass bowls with pre-made diluted mixes for Little P

Essential Oils for Kids and Babies

I hope you were able to read my previous post about the basics of Essential Oils. It would be a good basis before you read this particular post on good ways to use essential oils to help kids and babies. For me, the biggest thing about essential oil use is safety! Essential oils are powerful, […]

As you can see, some of our bottles are very well-loved and near the bottom!

The Basics of Essential Oils

I don’t know if they’re as popular where you live as they are here in Nashville, but around here people are getting really interested in the health benefits of essential oils! In the PiƱata house we’re always about doing things as naturally as we can, so when I started hearing more about essential oils I […]

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