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Staying Motivated to Stay in Shape

I mentioned earlier this year that it was high time I started doing things for myself again and getting myself back in shape. I took a long time off of working out after Jackson was born, and I was missing it dearly. It was really easy for me to keep putting it off (and putting it […]


Exercising During Pregnancy: Expectations vs Reality

Before I got pregnant, I was hopeful that I would be able to keep up my exercise routine during pregnancy. I really enjoy working out. I like the way I feel when I consistently exercise, and looking fit is nice too. I’ve done many different types of workouts from P90X at home, to spinning and […]


I Workout!

You really must read that title in the voice of that guy from the “Party Rock” song. If you didn’t, please take a nanosecond to do that now. Kthanks! About 2 years ago, I decided I really need to step up my fitness game. Lil’ CB was 3 years old and proving himself to be […]


Favorite Gear for Running w/ My Babies

I started running with Little Stroller when he was a couple of months old, and ran with him straight through my pregnancy with Baby Brother Stroller. Now I’m running with Baby Brother too – and sometimes with both boys at once (whew!). I’ve tried out a lot of gear during my three+ years as a […]

Yoga for everyone!

Exercise – It’s Fun AND You’re Already Doing It!

There are a few things about me that have held true since I was a little kid – I’m fat and I love exercise. I’ve been fat since I was little. I was born big, I stayed big. I own that label, and I wear it as my own without any guilt or shame. I […]

SoulCycle Power

Work It Girl

Yesterday I joined a cult. Who knew all it would take to entice me would be grapefruit scented candles and some good beats. After months of convincing, I joined my friend at a SoulCycle class. It was fun, kind of like being in da club at 9:30 am, complete with a DJ spinning some great music […]


Yoga Glow

The first time I did power vinyasa yoga, I walked out completely drenched (it was in a heated room), red in the face, and thoroughly high on life. I didn’t have the right clothes, didn’t have the right mat, didn’t know any of the poses or jargon, didn’t know any of the people, but all […]

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