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Technology & Losing the Baby Weight

Going into pregnancy I swore up and down to myself that I would lose the baby weight quickly. I also swore to myself that I wouldn’t gain a lot of weight during pregnancy and would stay active throughout those 9 months. Well, after sitting around a lot eating pizza and cake while letting my gym [...]

Ballet as Therapy

When stress or tragedy occurs, I feel like we all need something therapeutic to help soothe our souls and calm our minds. In my case, the most stressful and difficult life struggle so fas has been dealing with infertility. During this time we shared our trials with our pastor, saw a counselor, confided with friends [...]


Exercising as a Family

I have known for a while that when I had a family, it was important to me to maintain an active lifestyle. Mr. Pen and I actually met when I joined the volleyball group his friends were a part of, and throughout our dating relationship many of our activities were group sports. Mr. Pen grew [...]


Post-Baby Workout Wear

In my post-partum mission to get fit, I’m happy to find myself on week 8 of Couch to 5K (I actually jogged for 35 minutes yesterday without stopping!!). Over the past couple of months I have developed a workout uniform that’s quite different from what I would have worn to workout before the Trikester arrived [...]


Jogging with a Stroller: The Basics

I’m so not athletic. I like feeling healthy, but outside of yoga, I hate to exercise. I’ve still got 6 or 7 pounds of baby weight to lose, and although it doesn’t sound like a lot, it makes half my wardrobe unwearable. I miss my diversified closet, and unless I destroy all the mirrors in [...]

Deep Breaths

Deep Breaths

Exercise and pregnancy are not a good mix for me. I know I’m supposed to be doing it; I want to be doing it. But after the first trimester symptoms lifted and I was feeling better, it had been almost three months since I last exercised. As you may know, starting exercise after a three [...]


Stylish Workout/Relaxing Clothes

I really wanted to put a post together with affordable workout clothes, but I think I was kidding myself thinking the words affordable and workout actually went together.  So I went with a mix of places to buy stylish and quality semi-affordable active clothes, since the properties (pulling sweat away, etc) that make for great [...]

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