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Updated About the Bees Page

We recently updated our About the Bees page! Now you can click on each individual profile to access all of a particular bee's posts. The color of their profile also indicates where they were in their parenting journey when they joined Hellobee. Blue = TTC, Yellow = Pregnant, and Gray = Parent. A permanent link [...]


How to "favorite" a Hellobee blog post

By popular demand, you can now "favorite" blog posts! Just click on the grey heart at the end of each post and it will turn red as the post is favorited. You can access all of your favorite blog posts on your boards profile... just click here to go to your profile. Then click on [...]


New Feature: Hellobee Finds

Sometimes I come across products and ideas that I want to share with Hellobee readers, but I don't feel like they're meaty enough to have a place on the main blog. So I decided to launch a secondary blog where I'll write posts about gear, beautiful pictures, cool blogs/Pinterest feeds to follow, and other little [...]

960 Grid System: http://960.gs

Bee Profiles

The Bee Profiles are live! You can find a permanent link to them under "About the Bees" in the right sidebar.  Now you easily see where each Bee is in their parenting journey! The gray cards are for working moms, green cards are for stay at home moms, and yellow cards are for pregnant moms. [...]


Day in the Life of a Mom

Remember my Typical Day in the Life of a WAHM post? It was always intended to be a series featuring other SAHM's, WOHM's, and WAHM's, but I don't expect busy moms to carry around a DSLR like I did to document their entire day. I knew that most moms would be taking pictures with their [...]


About the Bees

We're creating an "About the Bees" page so that you can easily see a quick bio on each of our bloggers.  Once we have a lot of bloggers, this will really come in handy so you can see where each bloggers is in their parenting journey. Minhee came up with some cute options, and we'd [...]


New Generation: Wheels!

Although we still have some icons left from our Children's Games generation, we like to plan ahead with our next generation since each one is hand painted in watercolor by our artist Oana. Our next generation is wheels - wagon, tricycle, skateboard, scooter, bicycle, rollerskate, stroller, train, car, and schoolbus! Which one is your favorite? [...]

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