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Planning Jaren's 1st Birthday (Dol)

A Doljanchi is a traditional Korean 1st birthday celebration that is a big deal in Korean culture.  What are the origins of the Doljanchi?  Historically, it was common in Korea for infants to die before their first year, so Koreans wanted to celebrate babies who were able to make it to the one year mark. [...]


Baby Marker's Music First Birthday!

I’ve mentioned how much this kid loves music and dancing, and it is no joke. She will dance any and every time she hears music. Of course while brainstorming a theme for her first birthday, music was the obvious choice! I went a little nuts with the DIY and decor. Actually with the whole thing. [...]


First Birthday Budget

When I started planning Lil' Tea Cup's birthday party, I knew that I wanted the party to be extra special, but also knew that I didn't want to spend a ton of money. When I started looking on the internet for ideas, I realized that there are just so many ways that you can get [...]

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Life is short. Eat Dessert First: A First Birthday Party

Planning Lil Tea Cup's first birthday was a labour of love. The theme itself ended up being a nod to my dearly departed Grandmother, who always let me have my dessert before dinner. When fellow Hellobee blogger Mrs. Sketchbook mentioned that an ice cream party was a great budget friendly way of having a kid's party, [...]

Happy Birthday Scribble!

Scribble celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago with a party at our home. We had a wonderful time! Now I'm celebrating being finished with the planning! I shared a few weeks ago our plans for a budget-friendly and stress-free party that was, most importantly, fun for Scribble. We were able to make all [...]


Week 52

To my amazing little girl, Today begins your last week before you turn one. It seems like yesterday that you came into our lives and I cannot remember life without you in it. You are the reason why I smile, why I laugh and why I collapse absolutely exhausted into bed every night. You have become my [...]


At a traditional Dol (Korean first birthday celebration), a fortune telling ritual called a Doljabi happens where the child chooses their own fortune. I love this part of every Dol because it's always fun and interesting to see what a baby will pick. It's a great little activity that centers the attention on the birthday [...]

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