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Baby P’s First Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Baby P’s first birthday. My sweet little baby has become a walking, talking toddler! It was a great day and Mr. P and I had so much fun celebrating our girl with our family and friends. As I mentioned in my party planning post the theme of the party was flowers, […]

Fifi 1 Happy (1 of 1)

Fiona Turned One!

Gasp. Sob. Ugly cry, my (last) baby turned one  How can it be? This was by far the fastest year ever. It just seems like yesterday I was introducing Drake and Juliet to their new baby sister, and she is now determinedly cruising around the furniture and doggedly climbing the stairs despite my constant admonishments. She is […]

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A modern tropical themed first birthday party

Our family just returned from a trip out to California to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday. Like Baby Pizza, he also had a traditional Korean first birthday celebration, also known as a dol. My sister decided to go with a modern tropical themed party. She hired party decorator, Yoonie, who she collaborated her ideas with to […]


William’s First Birthday: A Summer Soiree

Will is about to turn two years old, and I am in the midst of planning a small-ish family gathering for him. As I plan, I’ve been reminiscing about the fun I had crafting and executing his first birthday! Will had an OBSESSION with blueberries this time last year, so that was at the center […]


A first birthday celebration

Earlier this month, we celebrated Baby Pizza’s dol, which is a traditional Korean first birthday celebration. I kept telling myself we were going to have a simple party, but it started getting more elaborate once we started planning, and somehow we ended up with a guest list of over 100 people. With large families on both sides and friends who are like family to […]


One – The Second Time

I remember details  – the smallest thing that caught my eye or a smell or a sound during an significant event. My brain keeps snapshots of these things in my memory, that to me are stronger then recalling the big picture. When I think back on last year at this time, I can smell the […]


A Simple First Birthday Party

Last post about Jackson’s first birthday – I swear! I just can’t resist sharing photos of his party, because I shared my inspiration for the party a few weeks ago, and we were so thrilled with how it all turned out. I’m happy to say that we managed to accomplish just about everything we wanted to. The party […]

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