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Flying with an 18 month old: Part 2

We’re back from vacation! And while we loved the time away (the lovely warm weather of Arizona, lots of swimming, and relaxed family time with my immediate family), we’re happy to be home and settling back into our regular routines. In the middle of the trip, Miss H cut 4 (!!!) new teeth – her [...]

Flying with an 18 Month Old: Part 1

The last time we traveled with Miss H on a plane, she was 8 months old. Now, she’s 18 months old and we’re about to embark on our next plane trip with her, with flights about 3.5 hours each way. Although our previous flying experience with her wasn’t terrible, we’re still a bit scarred from that [...]


Airline Travel with an 8 month old

We recently got back from our first “big” trip with Baby H: a flight from Chicago to San Francisco and then a 2+ hour drive north of San Francisco. I thought the flight would be challenging but would mostly be a lot of good snuggle time for Baby H and me. Oh wow, was I [...]

HB Flying With Kids Tips

45 Tips for Flying With Kids

Part 1: Packing checklist spreadsheet Part 3: Best Infant and Toddler Travel Toys I used to be scared of traveling with kids because visions of them throwing tantrums and crying nonstop danced through my head. But after our recent 8-flight round trip, I’ve become a complete convert, and definitely plan on traveling a lot more [...]

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