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James wanted to fill bucket after bucket of strawberries.

From the farm to the table for a city kid

When I became a parent, there were so many things that I wanted to do with my children. From the time my youngest was placed in my arms, my mind was flooded with ideas for memories we could make and things we would do together. One of those things was an understanding of our natural world. […]


Quick Snacking Foods for the Busy Pregnant Lady

Now that I’m pregnant with two other children to care for, the biggest challenge I have encountered is finding time to eat, and eat well for the growing baby I have inside me. My days are so hectic and I’m often pinned in a car as we shuffle from Drake’s school and activities that I […]

favorite toddler snacks

Our Favorite Toddler Snacks

When Jackson turned one and we began to shift his eating schedule towards less milk and even more solids, I felt so overwhelmed by all of the options. How often were we supposed to feed him? All of the recommendations said three meals and two snacks a day… what would we feed him for a snack? I […]

6 on the go breakfast favorites

6 On-the-Go Breakfast Favorites

More often than not, mornings are a mad dash to get out the door, so there’s hardly time for a full, leisurely sit-down breakfast. Their school provides breakfast so it’s not a big deal if they don’t get any at home, but we still like them to have something in their little tummies first thing in the morning. […]


What We Eat in One Week

Since I’m horrible at meal planning, I’m always fascinated by what other families buy and eat and how they plan it all out. I try to batch cook on Sundays, or sometimes I cook 2 dinners every other evening during the week so I don’t have to cook every night. Because I don’t like planning, I […]

dirty dozen

EWG’s 2015 Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group just released their 2015 list of the dirty dozen (actually dirty 14) produce that you should try to buy organic because they absorb the most pesticides. The clean fifteen on the other hand absorbs the least amount of pesticides, with avocados being the cleanest. You can read the full report here, and […]

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A Week of Toddler Lunches

When Jackson first turned 1 and his schedule for eating at daycare needed to be adjusted (getting rid of bottles, adding in snacks), I was completely and utterly overwhelmed. I felt like I had just gotten the hang of feeding him on his original schedule, and now it was time to shake it all up! […]

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