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Creating a Hot Chocolate Bar

I'm always on the lookout for fun new ways to entertain...and anything that includes chocolate is a must for me. This year, I've been seeing more and more people talking about hot chocolate bars: a station where you can assemble your own gourmet mug of hot chocolate. This would be perfect for a drop-in holiday [...]


Meal Planning in Seven Simple Steps

We started making a weekly meal plan in the Rabbit household a couple years ago. I was tired of not knowing what to make each night, and even more tired of throwing out food at the end of the week, because we didn't properly plan. I was talking to some friends who were baffled by [...]

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Batch Cooking on Sundays

Cooking is honestly one of my least favorite chores, and meal planning has never worked out for me because I often don't want to eat what I had planned. I was spending so much time each day cooking, and sometimes even thinking about making dinner filled me with dread. But I was really inspired by [...]


20 Easy Halloween Snacks for Preschoolers

I am a room parent at Liam's school this year and when I found out, I was so excited to start planning his class Halloween party. I started pinning snacks and games like crazy, picking the perfect ones that I could prepare ahead of time. However, I soon discovered that as room parents, we just [...]

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The Grocery Shopping List for Kids

I loved Mrs. Chipmunk's perpetual shopping list and decided to make one for myself because I've tried various apps, but good old-fashioned paper lists just work better for me. I shop at a bunch of different places, so customizing a list according to what I buy where makes the most sense. I plan to laminate it, [...]

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Turkey Lettuce Wraps

We've been working hard to utilize all the fresh produce we get from our weekly CSA share, and sometimes it's a struggle to finish all the fresh lettuce we get. One surefire way to consume it all is to wrap it around delicious fillings. This recipe is easy, quick and healthy, and even though it's [...]


Planetbox Shuttle Review

A while back I wrote a post about starting to make bento lunches for Drake in preparation for the coming school year where he would be needing a lunch. My biggest challenges were the fact that I liked stainless steel, but I felt the Planetbox Rover was simply too much in cost and size for [...]

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