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One Click Diet Changes with Cooksmarts

I’ve posted recently about food intolerances with my youngest daughter, specifically gluten. When I was navigating the transition into a gluten (and at the time dairy) free diet, I wandered into paleo. It was the easiest solution to being gluten and dairy-free. What wasn’t so easy? Navigating the endless pins and online recipes to find […]


Food Intolerance Testing: Is It Worth It?

There’s a lot of controversy in the medical field (as well as the personal field) about the impact of nutrition on health. Specifically, in our case, about gluten. Some say gluten intolerance is real, others say it’s a made up trend. For us, the issue arose with Little Octopus when she was about 3 months […]


One Year Food Storage: What Is It, Why Do I Need It, How Do I Build It?

You may be thinking, “What? Who keeps a year’s worth of food in their house? Only total weirdos and preppers. Why in the world would I ever do that?” Outside of the Mormon religion, there isn’t much emphasis in our society on keeping a food supply at home. It’s considered fringe behavior at best, and […]

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Mr. Cereal and I are not rich by any means, so we have to really think through our grocery shopping strategy. This is a challenge for a number of reasons, but our primary reasons are money restraints and love of food. We are adventurous eaters and LeLe is shaping up to be the same, so our […]


30 Halloween-Themed food and snack ideas

I am absolutely not the type to spend a ton of time making pretty, themed treats and meals for each holiday. I’m a bento lunchbox fan, but my boxes are more practical than cute, and I’d rather eat my fruit than cut it into whimsical shapes. However, there’s something fun about holiday-themed meals and treats, and […]


30 of our favorite easy weeknight meals

The beginning of a new school year always brings a whole new adjustment for us trying to get used to being gone all day, squeezing in a good family dinner, and getting Jackson in bed on time. We’ve got a nice list of go-tos that we always break out on the nights where things are […]

James wanted to fill bucket after bucket of strawberries.

From the farm to the table for a city kid

When I became a parent, there were so many things that I wanted to do with my children. From the time my youngest was placed in my arms, my mind was flooded with ideas for memories we could make and things we would do together. One of those things was an understanding of our natural world. […]

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