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A Day of Meals for a 1 Year Old and 3 Year Old

I admit — I had high hopes for Noelle when I started her on Baby Led Weaning, and she seemed to gobble up everything I put in front of her without a fuss.  I thought maybe, just maybe, I’d get a free pass and not have to deal with a picky eater.  Nope – baby [...]


A Comprehensive Guide to Feeding Our One Year Old

I’ve spoken here before about how lucky we are that Baby Markers is a great eater. She has very rarely turned down a meal and appreciates different flavors, textures and variety. She will typically eat whatever we’re having, so I make meals with her in mind – not too spicy or salty, but other than [...]


Our go-to “convenience foods”

In a perfect world, I would have tons of time to make fabulous gourmet meals from scratch, and then my darling toddler would gobble them up without hesitation and say, “Thanks mommy! More, please?” Sadly, I don’t live there.  Not even close. My child is picky and unpredictable, and on top of that, while I [...]


A Day’s Worth of Meals

I have so enjoyed reading about all the baby bees and their daily meals!  It has really inspired me to see everyone’s fun and creative meals, and it has given me valuable insight into portion size and the frustrating realities of catering to picky toddlers. So I thought we would play along! Scribble has an [...]

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Quick Dinners

When I don’t have a slow cooker freezer meal (recipes here, here, and here) handy in the freezer, I often find myself scrambling to throw together a meal. We usually get home from work and daycare pickup at 5:30pm and the kids go to bed around 6:30pm. Usually Lil Miss Wagon comes through the door [...]

A Day of Meals

I consider Little M a pretty good eater. We did BLW with him starting at 6 months. I followed his lead, paying attention to how he slept at night and when he was interested in eating. He ate one large meal of solids a day at breakfast and breastfed for the rest of the day [...]


A Day of Meals for Drake

I have always had poor eating habits. As a child, it would take me hours to finish my meal and eating was such a chore. Even as an adult I don’t eat regularly and am quite picky about a lot of foods. It’s hard to try to engender good eating habits in my children, despite [...]

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