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Feeding our Family for $300/month – Part 3

Previously in this series I have shared how we decide what we will eat all month. Now I want to get into the important part – the shopping. I mentioned before that even though I plan monthly, I shop weekly. I try to do my grocery shopping on Friday or Saturday, when I can go without Little [...]


Life With an Adventurous Eater

We are incredibly blessed that Lil’ CB is a great eater and always has been. Our little foodie is the kind of eater that will gladly try anything and often try it before you tell him what it is. His lists of favorite foods boasts delicacies like mussels, sushi, shrimp, anchovies, meats of all cuts, [...]

couponing tips

When I became a SAHM, the first thing we had to do was slash our budget dramatically. Our budget is pretty tight with one parent at home so I began researching couponing. I was so intrigued by extreme couponers I was determined to make this my new hobby. I had never truly understood couponing, — [...]

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Review: Instacart Grocery Delivery

Last week, I tried something that I swore I would never need to do.  Something I thought I would never need.  I ordered groceries via a delivery service. Colin and I had been out of town for a week for a last minute trip to visit family and see my sick grandpa, and when we [...]


A Day of Meals for Colin

Meals in our household are always an adventure.  Colin is a growing boy, and when he is hungry and in the mood to actually eat, he can take down more than I can.  Other times, he will be hungry but overtired or too busy playing to have the patience to eat, and no amount of [...]

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A Day of Meals for a 1 Year Old and 3 Year Old

I admit — I had high hopes for Noelle when I started her on Baby Led Weaning, and she seemed to gobble up everything I put in front of her without a fuss.  I thought maybe, just maybe, I’d get a free pass and not have to deal with a picky eater.  Nope – baby [...]


A Comprehensive Guide to Feeding Our One Year Old

I’ve spoken here before about how lucky we are that Baby Markers is a great eater. She has very rarely turned down a meal and appreciates different flavors, textures and variety. She will typically eat whatever we’re having, so I make meals with her in mind – not too spicy or salty, but other than [...]

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