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The Benefits of Playing Card Games for Kids

Olive is 4 1/2 and learned how to play Uno a couple months ago. She is hooked and we call her the Uno Queen because she almost always wins! We play Uno or cards almost every day in our home, and I can see the many positive impacts it has had on both kids. Charlie has […]


Party Games to Play This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for my family that has always meant GAMES! Growing up, my family played a game we simply called “Marbles,” but it was basically a variation of Wahoo (which is basically a grownup version of Sorry). We played this almost exclusively at every family gathering…we played for hours upon hours and we loved […]


Our Favorite Games for Two People

When I talked about our at-home date nights recently, I mentioned that a huge part of date night for us is board games. Mr. Garland and I have loved to play games together for our entire relationship, but it’s only been in the last year and a half or so that we’ve gotten into games more […]


On Games and Life Lessons

Drake received Zingo as one of his birthday gifts. I’ve previously tried playing board games with him with very little success, but he took to this game as if it was the greatest thing he had ever seen. We play Zingo, daily usually more than once, and Juliet even gets in on the action (meaning […]


Our Favorite Apps For Kids 2-5, 2015 Edition

I wanted to get some new apps for the kids since we’re getting ready to take our annual trip to the Philippines. I’ve found some winners, and I love that for the most part both Olive (3 1/2) and Charlie (5 1/2) can play them!   Thinkrolls – $2.99, Ages 3-8 This game is both kids’ […]

Fabric Matching Game

Make a Tactile Fabric Pattern Matching Game

When I was little I loved playing Memory. Now I’m not quite as good at it as I used to be, which probably means that I need to play more. Children have minds that seems to do much better at this than adults, so if you make this game, be prepared to lose to your […]

favorite family board games

15 of Our Favorite Family Board Games

Mr. Garland and I are big board game people. We love to play games together and it’s our absolute favorite way to spend time together in the evenings. I thought I’d round up some of our favorites that would be fun to play with the family. Almost all of the games on this list are […]

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