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10 Math Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Drake has always liked numbers, counting and now adding and subtracting. These skills are obviously important as he grows, and I'm glad that he has a keen interest in numbers and math at his young age (since clearly he didn't inherit these traits from his mom). I want him to see math and learning as [...]


25 Children's Activities for a Park Birthday Party

I've always wanted to have an outdoor birthday party for my kids, but both of them have cold weather birthdays. Luckily we're having a very temperate fall this year, and the weather is warm enough to have Olive's 3rd birthday in the park! I love park birthdays because kids have fun running around even if [...]


Sweet Strawberry Basket Beanbag Game

This is a post from our new DIY contributor, Mollie from Wild Olive (love the blog name)! .  .  .  .  . I love making things that don't take too long and can be used in lots of ways, and I especially love when those things have happy little faces on them. This beanbag game can [...]


Thinking Games for Pre-Schoolers

Drake is turning four soon and every time he moves into a new stage or discovers new interests, it opens up new avenues for toys and books that can help him in his learning and development. I have a tendency to buy toys with some kind of teaching or thinking element, perhaps influenced by the [...]


Strategy Games

I currently watch a little seven year old girl around the corner a few days a week after school. It's a nice way to earn a little money and get out of the house, and it's nice to work with a child that isn't the same age as my own. As an only child like [...]


Board Games for Preschoolers

Lil' CB has been really into board games lately, and now that he's 4, he's able to play many different board games, so we're not just exiled to Candy Land anymore. (Thank goodness!) Board games are such a wonderful way to teach and encourage social skills: turn taking, paying attention, gracious winning and losing, etc. [...]


DIY Game

I was searching around Amazon looking at games that might be fun and appropriate to try with Drake now that he is a little older, when I came upon this game called Hello Sunshine.  The premise is that there are 18 double sided cards with instructions about what to do with Sunshine, the big plush [...]

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