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What We Bought (and What We Tossed) for Baby No. 2

One of the most daunting tasks for first-time mamas is researching a never-ending list of baby products. I remember the neurosis very clearly – in fact, the first time I set foot in a Babies ‘R’ Us, I almost hyperventilated. There was just so. much. stuff. The second time around, I thought very little about [...]


My Obsession with the Rock n’ Play

Lately, more and more of my friends are starting to have babies, and whenever I browse through their registries the first thing I look for is to see if they have the Rock n’ Play listed. If they don’t, I’ll tell them about this wonderful contraption and explain why it is all kinds of awesome, [...]

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Bath time at the Bears’ House

Bath time with two has never been an easy. When Olivia was a newborn, it meant having an entirely different bath for each child, which usually resulted in Patrick pitching a fit that he couldn’t play in the water, even if that water was just a simple sink bath. I admit I was relieved when [...]

Gear for Baby 2 - Reusing

Gear for Baby #2

We are in a time crunch, guys. Maybe we should get ready for this baby?! This pregnancy has gone much faster than my first, and it’s a little surreal that I’m already 32 weeks pregnant. We’ve been talking for months now on what gear we need and what we can reuse. We registered for and [...]

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Mrs. Rabbit’s Top 10 Newborn Must-Haves

I made this list shortly after Bunny was born, because I knew I’d want to remember things for the second kiddo. And, based on the amount of pregnancy announcements I’ve seen popping up in the past few weeks, it looks like this could come in handy for a lot of you!

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Newborn Must Haves

In the first week Baby Sea Otter was born, we were just surviving. We had our bundle of love home, and now we had to nurture him and keep him alive. Well-intentioned friends would often tell me things that worked for their babies, which was appreciated, but ultimately, this is our list of what worked [...]

Budget Alternatives for Popular Gear

I used to think the wedding industry was a big money-sucker, but babies, oh babies! A wedding is but a day, but a baby is anything but a one time event. There is so much gear, clothes, toys and everything to acquire throughout the way, and a lot of money to be spent. Here’s a [...]

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