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What I Would Buy Now for Baby

Fiona has lived in hand me downs since she was born. With the close spacing of 3 kids, all in a 5 year gap, I haven’t had to buy new stuff for Fiona which has been nice on the wallet. But the researcher in me loves browsing online and in stores at all the cute […]


Favorite Baby Gear 0-6 months

Now that my second baby is only a few months away from turning one, there is one thing I am more convinced of than ever. In most cases buying the least expensive baby gear you can find is the best way to go. Not that you want junky, cheap stuff to use with your baby, but […]


Baby Stuff We Liked From The First Year

It’s amazing how much trial and error is involved with finding the right baby products! While there is no guarantee the products we love now will still be loved next month, there are certain products that we definitely couldn’t have done without this first year. Here are a few of our favorites. I hope you’ll […]


Newborn Must-Haves: Second Child Edition

When I found out I was pregnant with baby Shake, my thoughts immediately went to “what, if anything, will we need?” I figured, already having had one baby, we wouldn’t need to be buying much. And, for the most part, that was true. But, even after finding out we were to have another boy, I […]


Things I Never Thought I Needed… Until We Got Them

Somehow, in the last eighteen months, the number of items that our toddler ‘needs’ has grown exponentially. We’ve reached the dreaded point where it feels like there’s a Will area in every corner of the house. I so desperately want to be one of those parents who has little need for a multitude of baby […]

non baby items

The best non-baby items to have now that I have a baby (and a toddler)

Here are four non-baby items that I think are pretty amazing. I would even say that they are essential to my day to day life with my two little ones! 1. Carabiner – Before we were even married, Mr. Pizza would carry his keys around a carabiner. I thought it was a bit bulky because it just seemed […]


Choosing the better option when it comes to newborn items

When it comes to buying items for your newborn, it can be pretty overwhelming. The choices are endless so for a first time parent, it can be difficult to figure out what to get. Although a lot of the things you buy your baby depends on your personal preferences (i.e. maybe you want organic cotton for […]

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