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favorite sippy cups

The Search for the Perfect Sippy Cup

Little Lion is 13 months old now, and we are almost completely weaned from the bottle! It was a long road to get there…I read Mrs. Tea’s post about her little one’s experience over and over. But in the end, there was nothing I could really do to hurry the process. We kept offering, he [...]

Gear with high resale value

Resale Value

Sometimes it feels like there is a neverending array of baby gear to buy. I know that’s not true, and our kids can get by with a lot less, but it sure is nice to have some of these items around to help make our lives easier. My first line of attack when I consider [...]

The-Perfect-Diaper-Bag - Copy

My Perfect Diaper Bag

My very pregnant friend recently asked me to assess a diaper bag, and give my honest feedback on what I thought.  This reminded me of how clueless I felt when I first set out to register for a diaper bag.  There were so many options, it made my head spin! In my 3+ years as a mom, I’ve experienced [...]


Gear We Could Have Lived Without

Registries can be so overwhelming, and there is so much you have to get when you have a new baby on the way! Now that we are through the “infant” stage with Little Lion, we have been able to get a feel for what we really needed and what we didn’t. There are quite a [...]

favorite gear for getting out and about

Gear for out and about the first year

Thinking back on it now, I realize that I was concerned about some very funny things when I was preparing for Lil Tea Cup’s arrival. However I did seem to have a pretty good grasp over what we needed to get out and about – thanks to all those bloggers out there! All of these [...]

munchkin gate

Our Munchkin Loft Safety Gate – The Best Gate Ever!

We live in a small 2 bedroom ranch, and initially we hoped that we would be able to get by without purchasing any safety gates. After many years babysitting  and working in childcare, I have seen a whole lot of gates that make life more difficult. Sure, they can be important for safety, but they are a [...]


What Do I Need Two of for Twins?

Answer:  Really, not much. What we needed two of was a huge question I had when we found out we were expecting twins.  There are three basic categories: (1) Must Have Two, (2) It’s Nice To Have Two, and (3) One and Done. When it comes right down to it, there are very few things [...]

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