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How to Change a G tube & Pack an Emergency Swap Kit

I’ll be rounding on 2 years as a tubie mom in the fall. I can’t believe that a) it’s been this long and b) I haven’t tackled this particular topic yet! I am proud of the feeding tube tips posts I’ve done in the past (here, here, and here), but there are some major gaps in my […]


What’s In My Diaper Bag – Toddler and a Preschooler

As my kids have grown, my diaper bag needs have changed as well. I used to over pack so much! Some of you may be looking at the huge quantity below and think I am still overpacking, but I promise I’ve come a long way. Buying the small-ish one-shoulder backpack has helped me to limit […]

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How to cool down without the AC

My mother in law has been a labor and delivery nurse for more than 30 years. When our baby was born, we were always worried about temperature and she said “cooler is better.” The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the best temperature for babies is between 65-70 degrees, which was shocking for me because […]


An Alternative to Car Seats: The Ride Safer Vest

ed. note: Since this post was first published, we have found out that the car seat vest is not approved for use by kids under 4 years of age according to New York State law, so please check your local laws first. Before our trip to Woodstock a couple months ago, Mr. Bee heard about […]


Review: Shade Shack Pop Up Beach Tent

We went to the beach with some friends last year, and they brought their Coleman Compact Shade Shelter with them. After seeing their tent I wanted to get one too; we had been making do with a flimsy umbrella we bought on the beach that didn’t provide us with much shade anyway. I did a bunch of […]


In My Diaper Bag (Toddler + Infant)

During the week all our venturing out involves just me wearing my baby in the baby bjorn, pushing my toddler in the umbrella stroller, and traveling on foot via public transportation. So when it comes to packing the diaper bag, I try to be prepared for anything in the most efficient, minimalist way possible. Here’s what […]

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The Best Umbrella Strollers: Chicco C6 Review

Our Maclaren Quest umbrella stroller recently broke after 5 years of use, and I really didn’t want to buy another stroller. But after two months of using a double stroller with Olive, I broke down and purchased the Chicco C6. When your child still naps, you live in New York, walk everywhere, and take public […]

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