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Things for a 3rd Baby

There isn’t much we need to buy for this new one coming. All my kids will be within 5 years of each other, so most things are still working or in good condition. And since I have a boy and a girl, I’m set for a lot of clothing and things like blankets as well. […]

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Babywearing + Strollers – What Works For Us

In our house, babywearing and using strollers were never mutually exclusive gear choices! We went back and forth between a few different options and although we’ve grown out of the baby wearing (both boys are over 25lbs!), these were our favorite options. When K was an infant, we wore him out in this simple (and inexpensive) […]

5 splurges for baby #2

5 Splurges for Baby #2

With the exception of buying diapers and a new nursing bra for me, we really didn’t buy very much for our second baby. Living away from family eliminated having a baby shower, and since the girls will share a room in the future, we didn’t need to buy any new decor for a nursery or […]


Easter Bunnies

Easter is coming up on April 5th, and if you’re looking to add an Easter Bunny to your child’s Easter basket, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites below! 1) Blabla Pierre Bunny – BlaBla’s 100% cotton dolls made in Peru are modern day classics. They’re available in 3 different sizes and in 3 different styles: Pierre, […]

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Must-have Baby Clothing and Attire

I’m lucky enough to have friends and family who are willing to lend me their baby clothes and gear, but I still had to purchase a lot of items if the season wasn’t right or there was just a need for more of one thing. Here are some essential items I ended up needing for Baby Pencil, […]


Infant Sleep & the Magical Sleepsuit

Have an infant who is constantly breaking out of his or her swaddle but who is very clearly not at all ready to fitfully sleep when given the freedom of a sleep sack (or just plain old pj’s)? I just so happen to have two of these babies in my house! And so I present […]

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Swarm: What Were Your Biggest Gear Regrets?

My biggest regret is not discovering how much gear I could buy used until after Charlie turned one. Things like swings, jumperoos, bouncers, etc. are found in abundance on local listservs and mom groups and can easily be sold again once they’re outgrown. As far as any specific purchases, I wish we had invested in […]

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