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Favorite Baby Gear 0-3 Months

Favorite 0-3 Newborn Items

I had saved several of my favorite things from Toddler Pencil’s newborn years, but of course there are always more things to buy. I found a few of these new items to be really useful for Baby Pencil! 1) Luclear Baby Washcloths – I love these super soft, fluffy wash cloths for wiping bottoms, washing the face, and […]

bjorn bouncer

My 3rd Baby Must Haves For the First 3 Months

Today I’m sharing my 3rd baby must-haves for the first 3 months! It took having a 3rd baby in 4 years to finally convince me that less can in fact actually be more when it comes to baby gear. Actually scratch that, when it comes to ALL stuff. I’ve had a mostly delightful maternity leave, but boy […]

The girls go crazy for bubbles inside their play yard!

My most used products for one-year-olds

The girls are now about 15 months old and the gear and products that we use with them are so different than they were a year ago. It really amazes me how much of the baby gear so quickly became absolutely useless – the swings, the rockers, the bouncers, the bottles – and the list […]


Review: Phil and Ted’s Poppy Highchair

Shortly after A turned six months old I realized that seating him in his floor chair was not gonna cut it for mealtimes for much longer. It was a good chair for when he was learning to sit, and it will probably be a good chair when he’s big enough for a booster and doesn’t […]


Preparing for Baby #2

Living in a house with a whole other family with kids means that I have very few things I need to buy. We have a 3 year old, 2 year old, a 6 month old and the baby will be here in a couple months! So when I got asked if I wanted a baby […]


Essentials for a Montessori Newborn

I am around 26 weeks pregnant with my third child! It’s time for us to start making some preparations at home for the new baby. We have very few things left from when my last son was born (he’s now six years old) so it’s almost like we are starting anew. I’ve made a list […]


First Baby Registry Essentials

I was recently asked by a friend who was expecting her first baby what she should put on her baby registry. I thought it may be easier to just log into her Amazon account and start dropping in items for her. By the end of it, I was surprised at how overwhelming it could be! […]

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