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Old Wives’ Tales: Girl or Boy?

Though I’ve often heard that every pregnancy is different, I don’t think it was something I ever really believed. I mean, it’s the same body, the same process, the same general development – why wouldn’t the symptoms be the same? When I found out I was pregnant with Baby Oats, I thought I knew what […]


Gender Neutral Parenting Fail

I like to think of myself as a feminist and a pretty progressive person in general. I try to give my boys lots of options, and have always tried to avoid steering them one way or the other based on their gender. They have a toy kitchen and a dollhouse that they love, even though Mr. […]

Team Green and Farewell to a Name

As we did with Drake’s pregnancy, we are going Team Green again. With Drake the decision to be surprised was easy; he was our first, and Mr. Chocolate and I were both looking forward to the idea of hearing those words, “It’s a …” in the delivery room. As it happened, after an extended labor […]


A Sister for Little Deer

We found out a few weeks ago that we are having another little girl– oh my goodness! We are so very excited and can’t wait to meet this little gal. We had been thinking that the baby would be a girl for quite some time. In fact, I remember that within a few minutes of showing […]


Gender Reveal Cards

This week we’ll find out if sweet Baby Deer is a boy or a girl (at least we hope to—fingers crossed!) and we couldn’t be more excited. With this pregnancy though, we no longer live close by to all of our family. With my last pregnancy we had such fun telling everyone what the baby’s […]

Mrs. Rabbit reveal

Bunny Tales: Gender Reveal Video {Deployment Style}

Gender reveal parties are all the rage these days, and while I wish I could’ve had all of our friends and family around to celebrate and eat pink or blue cake, our circumstances didn’t allow that to happen. Since my husband couldn’t be by my side for the anatomy scan, I came up with the […]


Bunny Tales: The Gender Reveal Care Package

My husband and I had a decision to make regarding our pregnancy: to find out the gender of lil’ Bunny or wait and let it be a surprise. He was all for the surprise, but I was hesitant. Here’s the thing: life in the military is full of uncertainty and that year was no different. […]

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