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Gender Preferences

It seems to be a bit taboo to admit that you were hoping for a particular gender, or sad about discovering that your baby was not what you were expecting. I don’t think dealing with very real human emotions are ever wrong. It is normal to have a vision in your head and it is […]


SneakPeek – Early Gender Prediction DNA Test

Did you know you can buy a gender prediction DNA test on Amazon? I certainly didn’t when we first found out we were expecting Baby #3 last fall! Before I share a bit about our experience with the SneakPeek test, I want to first acknowledge that gender testing can be a controversial topic. It may seem crazy to […]


Some Stray Thoughts on Gender Stereotypes & Kids

As we’re contemplating how adding a second child will change our lives, I’ve been thinking about gender norms and how society places them onto children from day one. From the moment we found our we were pregnant with Little Cotton Candy, I knew I didn’t want to know the sex of our baby until he […]

Old Wives’ Tales: Girl or Boy?

Though I’ve often heard that every pregnancy is different, I don’t think it was something I ever really believed. I mean, it’s the same body, the same process, the same general development – why wouldn’t the symptoms be the same? When I found out I was pregnant with Baby Oats, I thought I knew what […]


Gender Neutral Parenting Fail

I like to think of myself as a feminist and a pretty progressive person in general. I try to give my boys lots of options, and have always tried to avoid steering them one way or the other based on their gender. They have a toy kitchen and a dollhouse that they love, even though Mr. […]

Team Green and Farewell to a Name

As we did with Drake’s pregnancy, we are going Team Green again. With Drake the decision to be surprised was easy; he was our first, and Mr. Chocolate and I were both looking forward to the idea of hearing those words, “It’s a …” in the delivery room. As it happened, after an extended labor […]


A Sister for Little Deer

We found out a few weeks ago that we are having another little girl– oh my goodness! We are so very excited and can’t wait to meet this little gal. We had been thinking that the baby would be a girl for quite some time. In fact, I remember that within a few minutes of showing […]

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