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Swarm: What Our SO’s Want for Christmas

They can be hard to shop for, so we asked our significant others what they want for Christmas. The biggest theme is…. technology/gadgets!  Mr. Starfish wants scotchy, scotch, scotch. He also wants motorcycle lessons but I think he’s going to have to keep dreaming on that one!  Mr. Cotton Candy wants a bunch of guitar pedals, […]


Swarm: What Moms Want for Christmas

So what do our real mom bloggers want for Christmas? I think a housekeeper, a day of pampering, and a good night’s sleep tops everyone’s list! Here is what else we’re wishing for this holiday season! I gave away all my purses before moving to the Philippines so I’d love a leather crossbody that is […]


Last Minute Holiday Gifts That Ship Fast

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself coming down to the wire on holiday gifts. As much as I try to stay organized, there is always something I forget to buy, or a person who I am just stumped on and have to hurry and order something for at the last minute, […]


Top Ten Gifts Your Nanny Would Love

She’s your third parent, your extra pair of hands, your friend, and the person you trust with your babies, so what do you get her to say thank you at the holidays? As a former nanny I have received some wonderful gifts over the years that have made me feel very appreciated and loved. Gift-giving can be […]


gift ideas for the unicorn obsessed

I’m not sure when Lil’ Pizza’s love for unicorns started. I think she wasn’t even two years old when she would point to a picture of a unicorn on our playmat and say “unicornio.” I only know a handful of Spanish words and didn’t even think to know she had heard it watching Dora when […]

clock radio

14 Gifts for Guys (That Aren’t a Shaving Kit or a Tie!)

I’m guessing I’m not alone in that the guys in my life are typically the most difficult to shop for. My middle brother is impossible, but I have finally hit upon the idea of gift cards to swanky restaurants or CSAs, which always seem to go over well. Luckily, Mr. Cotton Candy is easier than […]


A Practical, Ethical, Gift Guide

I love Christmas giving! I’m also a pretty practical gift-giver. Mostly I try to think of things that have been helpful or brought joy to my life or things I want for myself or my kiddo, and hypothesize if there are people in my life who might also appreciate it, or ask directly for recommendations. I love […]

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