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Birthday Gifts For a 3 Year-Old Cowgirl

Lil’ CG will be 3 in a little less than two months and though the dawn of the threenager is a wee bit scary, we’re super excited to celebrate our little lady since this is her first birthday home with us! We’re (okay, I’m, just me ) already thinking about gifts for Lil’ CG — […]


My Favorite Gifts from Newborn to Five

I’m right at the age where someone is either having a baby or it’s a child’s birthday. With Drake being five, Fiona being less than one, and Juliet smack in the middle at almost three, I run into a gambit of baby and kid products. I also love gift giving, it’s my love language in […]


Gift ideas for new moms

When visiting a friend who just had a baby, it’s a nice gesture to come with a little something, whether it’s food for the parents or a gift for the baby or the mom. Of course new moms love showing off their babies and moms with additional children and will appreciate the extra hands to […]


Gift ideas for grandma and grandpa

It’s so hard to shop for my parents and my in-laws! I love them all dearly, but buying for the generation ahead of me is a bit of a challenge. Most of the gift items I can think of they already have, and a lot of the contemporary ideas they aren’t as interested in. Still, I […]

last minute him or her gifts

Great Last Minute Gifts For The Hard To Shop For (big and little)

Less than two weeks to go! Are you done your shopping for the holidays? No? Me neither! I still have a few things to get. I always expect to be done by now…but I never am. I have a few host/hostess gifts gifts to get, some things for the kids and a couple gifts for […]

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Painted Egg Cartons & Easter Chick Cake Pops

By: Mina of Mini Piccolini I painted a couple of egg cartons to use as gift boxes this Easter. This is such a simple but charming way to give an Easter gift. We’ve filled ours with these fabulous egg candles, fun feathers, little egg shell planters, and no bake chick cake pops. Cake pops can be […]


7 Great Books for Every Kid

I always buy books as part of my gifts for my kids; they both love books and I’m an avid reader, so nothing brings me more pleasure than picking out new books for them. Right before Christmas I was browsing at Barnes and Noble when I saw this book titled “What Do You Do With An […]

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