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Want, Need, Wear, Read – What the Bees are Getting Their Kids for Christmas

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away (I have my shopping just about done), so today the bloggers are sharing what they’re gifting their little ones — something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read! Mrs. Garland – 11 Months Want: Jackson loves playing with the walker at daycare, but […]


Non-“Stuff” Gifts for All Ages

Baby Carrot is entering her second holiday season this year, but at 18 months, she’s still young enough to not really understand the concept of holidays and gifts. Her closet is full of clothes thanks to a grandmother who loves to shop for her only granddaughter, and our living room has finally surrendered its last […]


Gifts for Guys

The men in my life are notoriously hard to buy for. After a while, there are only so many novelty coffee mugs and t-shirts that are appropriate. Electronics are pricey, gift cards can be boring, and my handmade gift skills are limited to baked goods. So, each year I’m left scrambling for something exciting, new […]


Add Ons for Book Themed Gifts

Gymboree recently released an Eric Carle line of clothes and PJs that Drake went bananas for.  He loved all the animals and went with me to the store to pick out the ones he liked best. Truth be told, I’m not a huge Eric Carle fan and so Drake wasn’t familiar with the books — he just […]


20 Gifts for the Little Artist

We are big arts and craft lovers in this house. Drake has covered our walls through the years with his drawings and projects from school, and I love a good DIY. As Christmas draws closer I made a roundup of some fun and new art supplies and kits to gift your little artist this holiday […]


Go to gifts for pre-school kids

Since Drake started school this year, he has been invited to numerous birthday parties from his classmates. His class was very small this year — only 6 other kids besides him — but we ended up going to many more parties including those of family friends and friends from other classes we’ve made. Next year […]

sentimental gifts for mom

Sentimental Gifts for Mom – Guide

For a number of years I’ve been looking for something I could wear that would represent my little one(s).  I love the idea of wearing a locket with their photo in it, or something with their name initials.  These are some ideas I thought I’d share with the HB community if you are looking to […]

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