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Toy Review: Hallmark Interactive Jingle Dog

I have an affinity for gift shops like Hallmark due to my childhood spent in airports traveling with my parents, sitting in layovers and waiting for relatives to arrive. There was a Hallmark within walking distance of our last apartment, and when the weather was nice I would sometimes take Drake for a walk when [...]


What Do You Like to Gift Moms-to-be?

For showers, I like to stick the registry but create a “themed” gift while I’m at it. My favorite is to give “Our Favorite Sleep Things” which includes a marpac dohm sound machine, swaddleme swaddle, aden+anais sleep sack, kickee pants pajamas, and 2 board books. For my local friends, I love Chicago-themed books to mix [...]

Printable Superhero Fingerpuppets | Hellobee

Printable Superhero Finger Puppets

This is a quick activity to do with the kids, or it makes a great stocking stuffer. All you need is a printer, some mini-glue dots, a pair of scissors (and/or an X-acto knife if you like your cuts to be super straight), a pen or washable marker, and lastly, this Superhero Finger Puppet Printable. [...]

want need wear read

Want, Need, Wear, Read

I’m a consumer despite my best attempts to be an investor, so I’m reigning my gift-giving instincts in by trying to stick to one gift per category. Want: Because my kid is too young to request specific things, we redefined this as “things that aren’t practical or necessary and that we normally wouldn’t think to [...]


Charitable Gifts for the Holidays

This year I am really enjoying doing the majority of my holiday shopping at the farmer’s market or on my couch, underneath a cozy blanket!  The past few years, I have challenged myself to buy local and handmade items.  I especially love to give charitable gifts.  It is fun to offer friends and family a [...]


A “DIY” Christmas

I started thinking recently about what to buy Miss H for Christmas. But my mind quickly went to various crafting/sewing projects I wanted to complete for her. And I couldn’t quite come up with anything I really wanted to buy her for Christmas – she has plenty of books, an adorable play kitchen, and toys [...]


Customized Baby and Toddler Gift Ideas

When Little C was born, we were showered with incredible generosity from our family and friends.  It was fun to see what people chose to give Little C for his very first gift – his birth day, if you will.  Some people chose to purchase gifts from our registry, while others went the clothing route, finding [...]

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