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Printable Superhero Fingerpuppets | Hellobee

Printable Superhero Finger Puppets

This is a quick activity to do with the kids, or it makes a great stocking stuffer. All you need is a printer, some mini-glue dots, a pair of scissors (and/or an X-acto knife if you like your cuts to be super straight), a pen or washable marker, and lastly, this Superhero Finger Puppet Printable. [...]

want need wear read

Want, Need, Wear, Read

I’m a consumer despite my best attempts to be an investor, so I’m reigning my gift-giving instincts in by trying to stick to one gift per category. Want: Because my kid is too young to request specific things, we redefined this as “things that aren’t practical or necessary and that we normally wouldn’t think to [...]


Charitable Gifts for the Holidays

This year I am really enjoying doing the majority of my holiday shopping at the farmer’s market or on my couch, underneath a cozy blanket!  The past few years, I have challenged myself to buy local and handmade items.  I especially love to give charitable gifts.  It is fun to offer friends and family a [...]


A “DIY” Christmas

I started thinking recently about what to buy Miss H for Christmas. But my mind quickly went to various crafting/sewing projects I wanted to complete for her. And I couldn’t quite come up with anything I really wanted to buy her for Christmas – she has plenty of books, an adorable play kitchen, and toys [...]


Customized Baby and Toddler Gift Ideas

When Little C was born, we were showered with incredible generosity from our family and friends.  It was fun to see what people chose to give Little C for his very first gift – his birth day, if you will.  Some people chose to purchase gifts from our registry, while others went the clothing route, finding [...]


DIY Gift Roundup

I love making gifts for people because they are so much more personalized and special. Not to mention it is generally cost effective. There are so many great tutorials out there (thank you pinterest!) that are easy to follow and do-able with minimal DIY skills. For friends that have girls, making headbands is my go-to. [...]

what new moms really want

What New Moms Really Want But Won’t Ask For

Readers, be warned.  This is not a gear guide.  Yes, a new mom needs all sorts of items, for the baby and herself.  But after you have bought a mega-pack of maxi pads, seven types of magical swaddles to make your baby sleep longer, and every cream and tool that makes early breastfeeding hurt less, [...]

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