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Gifts Under $25 for Age 1

Toy Gifts <$25 for Ages 1, 2, and 3!

Since I just celebrated both my children’s birthdays the past two consecutive months, I’ve still got gifts on my mind… and thought I’d do a round-up of some gift ideas less than $25 for the toddler crowd.  Here are some of our favorite toys based on age – from 1 through 3!

Gifts for Visiting a New Baby

Many of my friends are just now starting to have babies, and it’s so much fun to visit and see the new little ones. Before one visit I was wandering around Target searching for a gift to bring with me, and I realized that so many times new moms receive gifts that they probably already [...]

Gifts-for-2-Year-Olds - Copy (1)

Gifts for Two Year Olds

Shopping for Jacobi’s second birthday gifts was a lot more fun now that he’s older and can genuinely appreciate receiving a gift and exploring a new toy. I had so much I wanted to buy for him, but ultimately chose a few gifts I knew he would love. Two weeks after receiving the gifts, I’ve [...]

Swarm - chipmunk

Swarm: What’s On Your Holiday Wishlist for Your Little One?

In this edition of the Swarm, the Bees share what’s on their wish lists, or what they’ve already purchased for their little ones this holiday season. B A B Y  C H I P M U N K  -  5  M O N T H S Dolcino Woven Wrap  //   Bummis TotsBots Cloth Diapers  // [...]


Toy Review: Hallmark Interactive Jingle Dog

I have an affinity for gift shops like Hallmark due to my childhood spent in airports traveling with my parents, sitting in layovers and waiting for relatives to arrive. There was a Hallmark within walking distance of our last apartment, and when the weather was nice I would sometimes take Drake for a walk when [...]


What Do You Like to Gift Moms-to-be?

For showers, I like to stick the registry but create a “themed” gift while I’m at it. My favorite is to give “Our Favorite Sleep Things” which includes a marpac dohm sound machine, swaddleme swaddle, aden+anais sleep sack, kickee pants pajamas, and 2 board books. For my local friends, I love Chicago-themed books to mix [...]

Printable Superhero Fingerpuppets | Hellobee

Printable Superhero Finger Puppets

This is a quick activity to do with the kids, or it makes a great stocking stuffer. All you need is a printer, some mini-glue dots, a pair of scissors (and/or an X-acto knife if you like your cuts to be super straight), a pen or washable marker, and lastly, this Superhero Finger Puppet Printable. [...]

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