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Parenting Without Local Grandparents

My dad, M and A’s Poppa, recently spent about a week and a half visiting. It was the first time he made it here since late last summer; normally we’d have met him down in South Carolina during spring break but health issues forced him and his partner to stay home this year, so we […]

Grandparents & Managing Expectations

Growing up, my husband and I both spent a lot of time with grandparents. Many of my favorite memories are of staying the night at my Grandma’s house, who only lived a few minutes from us. I don’t know that my parents really had many nights “off” where we all stayed with my grandparents, but […]

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A Day in the Life of Our Multi-Generational Household

The Cheesecake home is a multi-generational household – there are three adults, two kids and one dog. My mom lives with us full-time to help Mr. Cheesecake, who is a SAHD, take care of the kids. I am a WOHM and work four days a week. My commute to and from work is tolerable (45 […]


There are so many terms for grandparents, and they vary from region to region. In many Asian families, different names are used for paternal and maternal grandparents, which can be confusing as cousins calling their grandparents different names depending upon which side of the family they are from. Since both my parents are from Taiwan, […]

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Please Call Her Grandma

My mom is an amazing grandma. She loves her three grandsons (my two boys and my nephew) so much, and it’s been wonderful watching her interact with them. Plus, she is a huge help! She will babysit whenever she can, she’ll get down on the floor to play, she is happy to change diapers, feed them […]


My maternal grandmother passed away recently at the age of 93. She immigrated to the States about 25 years ago and has led a quiet life here. Because of the language barrier, I didn’t really know her very well. She was also not the type of grandmother that was nurturing and warm, but more blunt about […]


To Grandmother’s House We Go: 7 Ways to Keep the Relationship Growing

I’m nearing the finish line of this solo-parenting gig, and to break up the deployment a little more, my daughter and I took a trip back home to visit family. We were just home a few months ago (I shared how I traveled with my toddler in a lap seat), but that was a spur-of-the-moment […]

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